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Friday, May 18, 2012

Tattoo Kamikaze. I Got Inked.

I don't really know you that well, and you don't know me. So I won't get all details on ya'. But I've been through some life in my lifetime. Dirty, gritty, nasty, ugly, 

wear you down life. It's true.

.Referred to by Stevie Casaceli. He's an okay cool guy.
(Has a sweetsweetsweet tattoo that sold me on this place.)
And so I write. Not just blog. But also write. Creative non-fiction. Memoir, I suppose. I hope to  someday publish. (Please read.)

In the meantime, you can enjoy this awes tat that I got at Tattoo Kamikaze. Newly moved to 98 Alexander St. The house next to Boulder. Go.


.Homemade cards.
(Love these)

 Shawn Booth. He's the guy who did this to me. Pretty pretty. Don't think I'll mind having it on me 4 Life. If interested in one of your own, check this guy outttt.

.Tattoo Artist Shawn Booth.
.To Life. Love. Laughs. Local. & Looks.
.But mostly to Life.


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