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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looks. Sunk & Sank.

.Anchor means Hope.
(Learned while taking Twilight Walking Tour of
Mount Hope Cemetery.
I know.)
I have been planning & scheming & thinking about doing a "Save v. Spend" for hair. All mapped out. Sadly, all my energy has all and run-out. Sunk. Sank. Your pick.

.Hair. Humid. Don't Hate.
.Why I need a "Save v. Spend."
(That is a real puppup in the background)
So I'm wearing night-gown acceptable day attire. Also known as The Maxi. Took me, lits, all day to find this yesterday. Target: out. Old Navy: too cheap & too expensive. (Pricey these days.) T.J.Maxx: not what I'd hoped for. Kohl's: No. Forever 21: Almost. H&M: yessssss. Yes. Yes. Yes! And it was under $30. Yes. To say the least, by 2pm--recovering from a weekend migraine & convinced I was (am?) getting an ear infection--I was laid out. Out.

Think I'll be rotating between this & my blue Mossimo (from year's past) for the next ... season.

.Pretty & Cumfy.
.Pretty Cumfy.


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