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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laughs. European for Cafe.

This is how I'd love to look when I write during the day ...or night. (Click links. Please.)
..... And this is how I really do look

Hm. Think I'll go do some writing now.
...99.9% of the time. (It's not 5 o'clock shadow. Just weirdo lighting. Trust.)

It's simple. In school & in college, I always did my homework at home. Campus hot spots were too noisy--this includes the library--and back then, cafes could get expensive! Today, the excuses aren't so numerous and so, I feel guilt. Tremendous guilt. For not wearing the oodles of on trend outfits I could creatively pull together with some fabulously tousled hairstyle that says, I don't care (Not so. I seriously do but you can't tell anyway), and an off-beat lipstick. All of this during the weekday when most would lavish a languorous lounge at his or her fav coffee house: homemade treats, fresh brews, jammin' beats

I mean, I do. Me, too. And I get it. 

But even with all that cache, at some point I remember that none of that can ever make this the LES or TriBeCa or Brooklyn of the Roc. I mean, really. And even if it did, I maintain that 99.9% of the time, I would still home-it. 
Coops, rooms' pup, snuggling while I--daresay, we?--write.

Pic's don't convince??? Okay then.

1. Time
-Now that I've neglected a shower, do you any idea how much more time I've to dedicate to the art of the craft of procrastination? At least 10 minutes. That's solid settle in time.
-Likewise, nevermind fussing and frilling with make-up and hair. I gots ma' hoddy, and headband. Which I use, quite literally, in that phot. (See above.) ...
2. Energy
-All the less energy I use to primp, I will put into revising & editing. It's basically a 1:1 ration x 2.
3. Life
-ISN'T A MAGAZINE. OR SOME BOOK. OR HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL. (Although we can & should keep convincing ourselves it very well can be the latter.) We can't always be cutesy. Or Mopsy, or Flopsy, or Cottonatail. Ya know. Things don't just fit into those j'adorable French blue boxes with white or silver bows, on the reg. You see, those are for what we call special occasions. And while one's lifestyle & personal style might denote steaming latte or doppio espresso in-house to outfit her writing mechanism ... mine don't.

And how am I supposed to shunuggle
with this lil guy at the bar?
(European for cafe. 

Not European for coffee house.)

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