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Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday 'Fessional: Greek. Veronica Mars. For the Emmy??


Never, ever, have I ever watched every single episode of every single season of any television show, ever. This includes cult favs like Scrubs & It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Never. Until  ... 2 teen dramedys, that you might never have probably ever heard of. Ever. 

(Google Images.)
Yup. That's 2 Sigma's
from Greek Alphabet posing as E's.

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Kristen Bell as non-conformist/
genius teen sleuth Veronica Mars.

My first love? The enticingly titled ABC Family original, Greek. Starring Spencer Grammer (daughter of Kelsey Grammer) & Amber Stevens (model/theater actor/blogger), among other actors you probably haven't ever heard of, unless you watched Chelsea Handler's sitcom (is that even still on?). But all of who are incredibly talented. Kid you not.

I never watched Greek as it originally aired. Had I, I swear, it never would have been axed. But, I didn't, & it did. Enter Hulu. Thank you Lord I managed to squeeze in over 2 full viewings of every single episode from all 4/8 seasons (depending on how you slice it) before Hulu stopped carrying the series. If ever any of you need to buy me a gift, be it for The Holidays my Birthday or just-freakin'-because, please God buy me the Greek boxed set. This show is my first TV love. I mean that over Saved By the Bell. I mean that over Full House. I mean that over Family Matters. I mean that over Fresh Prince of Bell Air. I mean that over the 3 years between 2nd & 4th grade when the babysitter had me addicted to Days of Our Lives. I mean that over Oprah. I freakin' mean that over Hey Arnold. I. Love. Gr Σ Σ k

And, quite frankly, when Hulu stopped airing the episodes filled with romance, mayhem, pranks, mishaps, quandaries, conundrums, scandal, questionable fashion, complex morals, & college life, a void formed between myself & my TV. A dark, blank, black void. (Sometimes filled by Snapped marathons which air Sundays on the Oxygen Network. #noshame #worthit .)

"Greek" & "Veronica Mars" are 
the most Amazing Series on TV, Ever. 
1. Well Written. I have a BA in English Lit, an MS in English Language Arts, am an amateur blogger, & casually write creative non-fiction, in the version of my memoirs, on the side. I know quality writing. (Key word: sardonic.) These shows are quality writing. 
2. Hilarious & Witty. They use smart humor. I cannot tell you the number of creative puns in every single episode of Greek that always parallel its major themes and, like an incredibly well written comedy routine, circles back throughout the show. Veronica Mars, as well. Namely for its crime savvy knowledge sprinkled atop its contrasting romantic themes and complex character relationships. 
3. Bad Ass Bad Boys. Scott Michael Foster, or Cappy of Greek. I once worked with a guy who looks like him. Identical. My last day of work, before moving to NYC, I give him my number in front of everyone else at work, kinda’ had a behind-the-scenes freak-out, moved to NYC (unrelated), & he drunk texted me once. Then, when I dejectedly moved home from the city & went back to that same job where he still worked, it was weird. One time I stalked him in an acquaintance's yearbook but couldn't find him. I'm done now. 
Jason Dohring, or Logan Echolls (admittedly creepy Tumblr link) of VM. Surprisingly similar in status, situation, & looks to Greek's Evan Chambers, played by Jake McDorman. Brooder who is blonde. Which is an incredibly original move. Also, looks like a guy I know. Went to hs with him. Good friends with his sister. Went to college with him (PITT!). He was a senior when I was a freshman. Twice, he picked me up & twirled me. Once when I graduated from high school & the last, when we drunkenly ran into each other at college. He is now married with 2 children. 
4. Ridiculous Love Story Lines.  Veronica Mars proves the precursor of Greek, and both have incredibly similar themes. Which I love. For instance, my web-of-relationships--between who's-dated-who/who's-friends-with-who/who's-dated-who's-friends-of-who-knows-who-went-to-high-school-with-who—sometimes feels … straight out of a teen dramedy. (‘Cept I’m nearing 28.) These shows validate for me that, while it's not normal, it happens. 
And most importantly & seriously of all. 
5. Quality Acting. I kid you not. We're talking range of emotion. Authenticity. Humor. Delivery. Timing. Casting. Talent. In my not-so-professional opinion, these shows exhibit acting that has more range & is far more interesting than the likes of Friends. Certainly Beverly Hills 90210 & Dawson's Creek, to give you comps.

Enter: Veronica Mars. Every Monday-Friday, 5-7pm, & on weekends. None other than (drum roll) SOAPnet. Do you know how many famous actors have their beginnings on Veronica Mars?? 

The most fantastic part about VM, aside from absolutely everything, is that despite its often ridiculous story arcs & sometimes stereotypical depictions, all of its equally as complex characters are completely believable. Relevant, real life issues & themes draw-in viewers (me) & help audiences (me) to relate. Veronica Mars is so well cast that, truly, you never get annoyed &, really, only ever feel intrigued.

Watch these shows.
Let me know when you do.

I mean it.


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