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Monday, December 31, 2012

How To. Ain't No Party Like an Esquire Party.

I do not throw parties.

Esquire Party Book:
For Entertaining Around the Clock.
Let me please direct you to the Esquire Party Book: For Entertaining Around the Clock, original copyright 1935 & this edition, 1965. In 7 regaling parts, this ultimate how to details every last detail so that you won't have to worry. From the grandiose evening to the impromptu drop-by, Esquire Party Book teaches how to plan, prep, & pop like P. Diddy, himself. And it charms all along the way. If in need of inspiration this New Year's Eve or ready to start a new resolution for 2013 (moi), then might I highly suggest you search for this gem. Until then, let me show you some sparks.

But I do read about throwing parties.

Gotta Love these 1965 Illustrations.
Classic. Esquire. Parties.

"You can invite both the Republican and the leftist,
if also you have..." (Relevant even then.)
1. Plan. Apparently parties are all about hospitality & getting the guest list right. So much for Invite Friends option on Facebook. Main take-away: detailsdetailsdetails. Make sure umbrellas are around to accompany guests to & from their cars ... or out to the bars. And definitely provide the good stuff, which Esquire reminds isn't necessarily the most expensive, just what tastes best in your drinks. (So, BYOB, right?)

2. Make a Good (Non) Alcoholic Drink. Curious about getting your Ph.D. in mixology? This book doubles as the cocktail & every-single-other-drink-known-to-man-that's-not-technically-a-cocktail Bible. (Wine, somewhat. Beer not so much.) Likewise, this book also pays close attention on how to serve (and treat) those "foibles" who are"non-drinkers". (Esquire's words, not mine.) Offering any "false-admirations" (condolences) such as, "I-wish-had-your-courage" not recommended, (p. 9). 
The Sneaky Pete: Champagne with float of Cognac.
Mom Collins: TommyColls w/o the gin.
3. Accomodate Your Hungover Guests. As you can see, parties truly are all about your guests & their comfort. Especially at those breakfast & brunch (and who are we kidding, late-night) hours, hosts must remember to care for their achin' friends. I recommend The Sneaky Pete. Beats a Bud any day.

4. Dress to Impress. You know this is my most coveted part of the book. This book is written for men, so when it articulates every last article of clothing based on time, event, & texture, I still get freaking excited. Esquire: If you ever write another edition of this book and need the female perspective on wardrobe, let me know
Attire How To for taking breakfast,
weekend lunching, and cocktail parties in the city.

5. Music & Games. Consider adding some true class to your soirĂ©es & check out pp. 266-306. It's like watching Scrooge's nephew & friends in A Christmas Carol play Blind Man's Bluff. These games are real. But you secretly wonder if they are made up. And you know they are classy because dressed-up adults play them. But secretly, you know that they're really meant for little children. My ideal party games/music combo? Some homemade karaoke & a house made dance party. Thing is, when I start these, party always seems to dissipate.  Which is not what Esquire Party Book: For Entertaining Around the Clock is going for.

Cheers! Salute!
I highly recommend that you seek-out this book. Or, petition Esquire to publish a new edition. In the meantime, I wish you all

Safe & Healthy
Happy New Year.

Enjoy the Parties.

Happy New Year!!
Here's to 2013.

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