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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Internal Monologue. For the Love of Dog.

The last thing I need right now is to be writing a post. 

Day 2.5 of horrible headache/minor-migraine & where I should be, is nestled right in front of that Mr. Doggy so his warm lil' (okay, huge) body, can keep me shnuggled & mended. But first, I had to share exactly what that looks like:

Klondike (Mr. Klonks) & Rocky (Mr. Ronks)
and Me (w/o any makeup, I might add).

Last week Da' Moes found out that Mr. Klonks has cancer. I guess it's a common kind & under control & blablabla. The most amazing thing is, that even though Mr. Klonks recently had surgery & even though he's the one with cancer & even the Mr. Ronks can tell that his bff & protege is sick & even though Mr. Ronks is the super old one, they are still taking care of me. Always & forever. It's just the way Mr. Doggies are.


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