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Monday, February 25, 2013

Internal Monologue. This is a Migraine.


This is what ruined my weekend. This is what made me (try to) rip out the guts of the brain. This is what made work unbearable. This is what I live with at least once every single month. This is what feeds me several times a year. This. This is what made me tell the female cashier at CVS where to shove it. 

CVS Pharm.
Monroe Avenue.

Today, we had issues. CVS & myself have been having issues. But that's not the point. Because today I went to work. Today I worked with multiple people who are on the last legs of their unemployment, who cannot find jobs. Today, I made them feel at home in my office. Today, I helped them feel hopeful about a deadened employment market. Today, I smiled at and was kind to the every last one, even after my official work day ended.

Today, I woke up to cupboard full of nothing and a stomach on empty. Today, I woke up with a an aching skull and an alkaline stomach from yesterday's 1 Coca-Cola that I actually imbibed. Today, before an 8.5 hr work day, I woke up with 0 Excedrin Migraine and a bottle filled with migraine medicine to which I'm allergic. I will die if I take it

Today, whilst dragging myself into CVS, after doing a full load of grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (amazing customer service), today I thought it might be a good day to multi-task. Today, I thought maybe I'd ask the CVS  Pharm--the 2nd domicile to which I pay rent--if I had any scripts ready to refill whilst  purchasing my over-priced $12 package of Excedrin Migraine. Today, when the absurdly rude woman standing--no, judging--at the counter in front of me opened her mouth & said something the way she shouldn't have, today I stuck up for myself. Today, after taking a half-step back and thinking about if I wanted to say it, today it leaked out before I could censure otherwise. Today, in my meek and pained and vulnerable sick-voice, I said:

I don't like your tone.

Today, I respect myself more for it.


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