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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Essay. Because of She. Roc Tattoo.

This is Eve.
When I grew up and something went wrong--my parents fought or someone got in trouble--I used to wonder. Why'd she do it? Why did she have to do it? All of it. All of the horrible, evil, sinful things. If only she didn't do it... It boggled my mind. How close we, the human race, were to perfection.

Why did Eve have to ruin it??

Imagine what this does to a little girl. Wondering why a woman had to go and bring sin upon the world. Being so infatuated with the idea of perfection, it made the little girl question the rationale and validity of this woman, and so probably of most women. What does this do to a little girl who grows up in this not-so-little-girl world?

Strength & Vulnerability.
Back in December, I had an episode. For one entire weekend. In the midst of it, lung-splitting sobs & skin-searing tears. I decided I need a woman. A woman to whom I can relate. A woman etched into my skin, who clings to the back of my heart. I need her for forever's sake.

Kundalini Serpent Goddess.
Tattoos for me are stories. Cave etchings, if you will. The indelible scars turned ink inscribed upon our legs, backs, arms, torso, wrists, toes, breasts, and face. Tattoos are blood. Smeared into new life. Tattoos are for us, and maybe for those who might care with us.

Before & After. Raw.
{Karrah Teague with Lucky Lotus Tattoo.}
Eve for me means so many things. Immediately, she means strength. The strength within her to continue life in spite of having created sin. The strength of me to bring her to life & to carry her upon my back for eternity's sake. She means vulnerability. The realization of being naked, and so ashamed. For me, being sad, and so exposed. She means spirituality. The Kundalini-goddess, a serpent crawling up her leg & mingling within her hair. Becoming a part of me as I, too, become more aware.

Spirituality & Love.
As Eve has evolved, from concept to line-work to tattoo, so has her meaning. To society, the story of Eve and her depiction upon my back most likely reflects temptation. Sexuality. As noted above, to me it characterizes something different. And so, Eve takes on this duality. She means one thing to you and to history. Perhaps something completely different to me. Karrah Teague, tattoo artist at Lucky Lotus Tattoo, drew-up & inked this Eve. The shading--completely the product of Karrah--took on a black v. white quality. Notice the furls of hair that cascade down her back. Of Kundalini, the serpent-goddess {as opposed to daemon-snake}, who coils up her calf and thigh. Black and white. Truth and lies. Mine and yours. And so, the duality of Eve.

Every single day, I thank Eve. For biting the apple.


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