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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ode. To the Old Craic. To New Craic. And To All the Sha-nnon-agans In Between.

Appropriately Titled: Can't be drinking
when you got one of these
Seven years ago, just 9 days after I turned 21 {which also happens to be a big deal over in Ireland}, I celebrated St. Patrick's Day in Cork with some of the most cherished loves of my life. Consequentially, I celebrated for about 36 hrs, straight. Miraculously, not one ounce the-pained-by-it come morning. Call it beginner's luck. Call it luck 'o' the Irish. Call it what you like. St. Patrick's Day as a legal was amazing. And I have to say, every other one since: not at all.

To Murphy's Law.

The kin to Newton. The law that states: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. ... A timeline, if you will.

2007: Senior year at #Pitt. Pretty sure I had a great time. But definitely missed the IRL reunion that was Sarah, Beth, Cassie, & Charlie up with the green river in Chicago. 

2008: One month into recovery from the illness that overcame me in New York. While everyone else donned every single shade of green known to the color wheel & imbibed every concoction of drink unknown even to The Republic, I went to my doctors. I cried. The next day, as a city slept, my mom & I hiked Mendon Ponds with a bunch of old timers who, quite literally, walked circles 'round us.

2009: Two months after my then-ex boyfriend {oh wait!, still my most recent ex-boyfriend...} broke up with me, I ran into him. Macking-it-hard with some chick. Heart. Re. Broken. ... When a dude breaks your heart, isn't the 1st awkward run-in where someone makes out with someone new supposed to be the break-up-er running into the break-up-ee?? According to Murphy, I guess not. Because it was definitely many more months {than it should have been} before I re-experienced any semblance of make + out + me. 

2010: I think I broke this guy's heart. Not ex-bf from above. Someone else. Why do innocent specimens get our-broken-hearted-aggression projected onto them? Is that date-bullying?? ...So much for Karma.

2011: I do not know, and I cannot find pictures. Hm.

2012: HANDS DOWN THE WORST ST. PATRICK'S DAY EVER. We'll just say that my iPhone got smashed. And that I ran into ex-boyfriend during a very UNFINE moment of mine.

This year, after much consideration & a very positive mindset, I decided that things would change. That I would change. And that I would have THE BEST. ST. PATRICK'S DAY {outside of Ireland 2006} EVER.


Old Craic.
Friends. Parade. Rochester. Bars. Breakfast. Love.

Matt's Place. {Inaugural St. Patrick's Day Breakfast.}
Man enjoying his breakfast, w hotties.
Man Behind the Breakfast.

Man Behind the Party.

Girl & her Leprechaun.

Best Lady Photographer I Know.

We switched outfits!!
(Sort of. It was great.)

St. Patrick's Day Parade. {Rochester, NY.}

Pitty Love Rescue, Inc.

Looks like Miss MoneyPenny!! 

Pubs & Loves. {Dailey Refresher, Alexander Street.}

Sar, Cailin, Anj, Shan, & Nicole.
Spying on some guys at Mex.
Matt & Sean.

New Craic.
Shopping. Family. Food. Sober.

Shopping the Sales. {Eastview Mall, Victor, NY.}

Macy's Make-Up Counter,
a Gateway & a Giveaway.
Estee Lauder Pure Color in Hot Spell.
Bag by Lilly Pulitzer

Where it All Began.
Nine West at Macy's. Orange bottom right is Mine.

Sale. Rampage flats.
Nine West, obsessed.

Sale. Anthropologie.
Orange Thing.

Sale. Anthropologie. Most amaze sale-dress everrrr.
(Ignore the jeans. And the disheveled hair.)

Celebrating St. Pat's. {Home, Da' Moes.}

Mineola. Rashers. Pancakes.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Cobh, Co. Cork.

♥ .

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