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Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To. {Almost} No Make-Up.

Fabulously Flawed.

Minimal Make-Up.
{How To Below.}
This is my make-up free make-up face. Oxymoronic? It should be. I'm still wearing make-up, but I'm so accustomed to {& interested in} wearing lots of make-up,  that it feels like I'm wearing 0 make-up. Why the sudden rebellion? Blame it on allergies. Morning, noon, & night I crave that cramming of fist into my eyeball. The swipe of tissue in and around my nostrils. The thirst for water upon my face. So, let's face it.

Minorly Exposed.

While I admire, extol, and aim for the dewy, supple skin resonant of Angelina Jolie, I'm also kind of sick of putting things onto my face. Special occasions? No doubt. Sun-screen moisturizer? Yes. Vitamin E oil at night? You got it. But, throughout my daily wear & tear--work, a walk, maybe yoga, & an outing with the ladies--I'm tired of doctoring myself-up. I mean, what would happen if I just wore my normal skin {with SPF}??????? Men will flock in droves away from me? Is that not already {kind of} the case??

Make-up free staple.
From a different perspective: Is it possible to take such great care of your skin, that you actually minimize the need for everyday make-up? Isn't this the point??

And take care of my skin, I do. I drink at least 1 gal of water/day. {Kind of accurate. Also, I take medication that requires this level of "hydration," so don't necessarily replicate unless you want to wash all of the electrolytes from your bod.} I remove make-up from my face every single night, no exceptions. {This past Sat, when I purposefully declined to remove make-up from my face--which had to be the 1st time in ages--I awoke on Mother's Day Morning with a migraine that was heinous. There's that.} I wash my skin once/day. Tone twice/day. Under-eye day cream in the AM. Under-eye night dream in the PM. Moisturizing SPF in the AM. Vitamin E Oil in the PM. Natural face exfoliant once/week. {Swear by St. Ives.} Homemade edible exfoliant for the pouter. ...I love taking care of my skin. Ask me my skincare routine? I will tell you again. Still, senza-foundation is not everyone's jam. So how does one start to go {almost} make-up free??

How To.

1. Identify your fabs.
2. Play-them-up by skipping the cosmetics.
3. Identify the flaws.
4. Minimize these by applying light cosmetics.
5. Go natural whenever possible. Fav drug store brands include CoverGirl NatureLuxeFav make-up counter?? Josie Maran. 

CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mascara in Brown.
{liner & lashes}

So far, I've narrowed my make-up routine down to 2 products. Benefit Fake Up for moisturizing concealer. CoverGirl NatureLuxe for everything else. 

Tip: CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara. A 3-in-1 wonder. If you have brown hair, it's the best brow touch-up ever. The brush applies naturally. Formula is safe for your skin ... I assume. And you can use the tip as eye-liner. I love.

Obviously, substitute black eye make-up when creating a more vintage or classic look. For now, with these 2 products, I feel flawed, and I feel fabulous. And I feel minorly exposed. ...We'll see how long it goes.

Fabulously Flawed.
{minorly: not actually a word}



  1. I try to wear just bare minimum makeup, too. My skin hates me when I glob gook all over it. I'm a Rochester blogger, too. Nice to meet you.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Hey Amanda Rose! Yes bare minimum makeup is great. I noticed that when I do it, my skin goes into super-complexion: dewy, soft, radiant. ... Ironically enough, I'm back to my norms make-up routine. Which isn't insane. But, it's safe to #iheartmakeup.

    (LOVE your blog)


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