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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Local. RMSC Gardens.

Tulip in the gardens at the RMSC.

Yesterday was splendid.

.85. Breezy. Sunny. Momsly.

That's my perfect--perfect--recipe for any day, let alone a Monday. What started as an excursion of we-can-do-whatever-we-want soon became more of an off-the-beaten-Ave-walking-tour of Park Ave, and I would not have had it any other way.

.Off the Beaten Ave.

Vick A: First we met at my apt. (Momsly had to wait for me to finish dressing. Pants ... no shorts. Tanning lotion! Tube top--ugh!--tank. ... You get the idea).
Correction: Yellow flowers aren't Foxglove.
But faeries do live in Foxglove.
(That's what Momslin always says.
...Also told me that ain't Foxglove. #Moms .)

RMSC: Then we headed to the Herb Gardens at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. (Much more to say below...)

Delish: Next we peaked in at Delish Bakery, on Park near Goodman, which was closed. (But looks ... delish, nonetheless. Can't wait to try!)


Makes you feel like Park Avenue
is the Mediterran
Sinbad's: At last, we traipsed all the way back down Park to grab a bite at Sinbad's, where I may or may not have accidentally walked into the apartment building before finding my way to the restaurant entrance... . Momsly had this tabouleh salad and I chose a dolma pita, hot. (We shared.) Wine? Oaked Chardonnay for the Mrs. & Herron Hill Reisling (local) for moi. Freshness & taste: beyond. Prices: beyond affordable. Vegetarian options: YES. I must dine here more often.

East Ave: By taking the northerly route back to sample East, Momsly & I trekked to my apt so she could drive us up to Cobb's Hill. (Quite sweaty at this point. I hate driving. Unrelated.)

Cobb's: The best. Drove up from Highland where, kid you not, 60+ man--okay, you know those old ppl you see who are mega in shape & look it, so that when you see them do something even your 20-something bod can't hack, you're all, Pfffft they were prob captain of the swim team in college, etc???--jogged, normal pace, up--not Cobb's Hill--but rather, the windy, steep, never-ends street which connects Highland Drive to Cobb's Hill. All the way up. Normal pace. As in, by the time we parked and tripped our way up the green knoll to get a-strollin', dude had already finished his incline and began the Reservoir path. Hat's off.

Apt: After ooing & aahing at the waves in the Reservoir, remanisicing upon old times, and basking in the sunlight, Momslin drove us back to Vick A where, promptly, we took Cooper (Laur's cute Mr. PupPup!!!!!) for a stroll to the corner & back, wherein, he continued to charm us while enjoying a street-side view from the porch while he awaited his Momslin's arrival.

Da Moe's: My day ended eating a scrumptions meal back at Da Moe's where, yes, I mooched food off from the parents'. Never gets old.

* * *
Striped. (Variegated.)

.Herb Gardens.

While the entire entire day was sumptuous--beyond happy I could enjoy that slice of summer with Momsly--the highlight had to be the gardens, particularly the Herb Gardens, or Garden of Fragrance, at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. Easiest way to find it? Take Park before Goodman (headed West) & stop at the large grassy yard. Giant stones, some in the cast of dinosaur bones, will also signal your way. Continue walking through the mini-park until you greet what appears to be a backyard of sorts. These are the gardens at RMSC.

Name of my first born.
We spent most of our time marveling the Garden of Fragrance but also stopped by side-gardens such as the Wilfrid M. Kearns Garden. The former, which sits perched between two columns of tiered ivy, quaintly displays row upon row of the oddest named herbs. Sure, sure: chives, lavender, & thyme. The ush are there. (What is a good way to abbrev usual? Really?) But Hawthorne Scented Mugwort??? There's also a Good King Henry. Somewhere between a Harry Potter and a Dicken's character, wouldn't you say? Though all herbs were not cultivated, enough popped up to be pleasing to both the nose and eye. I should say it will only improve as spring matures to summer.

The coolest surprise? (Nerdiest. Same.) Whispering Dishes!!!! Whhhhhhhhy do we have cell phones when this technology exists???? Basically, there are 2 of those suckers directly facing each other, I dunno, less-than half a soccer field apart. (Really deficient in distances... .) If you whisper into the center of one, while your Momsly stands listening at the other, she can hear what you said and whisper back. Yesssssssss. It is trueeeeee.

Try it. 

Until Then, a Hawthorne Scented Mugwort-Day to You, Too.

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