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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yahoo-w Is This News? There's No Writing ... or Talking. It's Taken from "Stupid Videos."

There's some writing.

My version of
High Speed Hammock-ing.
Comprised 50% of rhetorical questions--wherein they ask 2--which means the entire "news article" is 4 sentences long. That's not half-bad in comparison to those stories that forget to end. I think the best part of this "news article" is that it leaves you with nothing. You're just completely mesmerized, maybe laughing. But, really, it leaves you nothing.

There is a lot of laughing.

High-speed Hammock-ing feels like it requires at least a How To. Or maybe a disclaimer: Don't try this at home. These aren't professionals, and they never included a How To. So don't try it. While I want to say that this takes place in some outdoorsy/hipster-ish place like Washington State or Oregon, the rolling hills, lush green grass, over-cast sky, and garrulous laughter compel me to wonder if this Stupid Videos was filmed in Ireland. Southwest Coast? On a curling pitch perhaps. 

This Clip taken from YouTube.
Includes more talking ... so you can hear accents.

Who's "young" enough to remember Nick News W5 with famed report, Linda Ellerbee?? Ellerbee & Nick taught us that news is all about Who What When Where Why, & much of the time, How. Yahoo's Y!Screen post of Stupid Videos High speed Hammock-ing has the:


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