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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Essay. Gay Rights = Human Rights.

Gay Rights = Human Rights.
An Argument.

Gay Rights are Human Rights. If you do not believe in Gay Rights, you do not believe in Human Rights. Gay Rights mean marriage rights.

For Human Rights, I do not believe there can be an opposite opinion. For Human Rights, I will look into your face and tell you that you are wrong. For Human Rights, there are no qualifiers. That's some pretty radical statement, I know. I know that according to the rules of rhetoric, it is erroneous to say: there can be [no] opposite opinion. Human Rights are worth such extremism.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shop Local. B is for Birthdays. B is for BarbaraEllen. B is for 28th Birthday Weekend.

Brought to you by The Nicole Jaclyn.
Look at these jewels.

This post is more for me than it is for you. Only because I love making lists, & I feel overwhelmingly compelled to recap/relive/record this 28th Birthday Weekend. Also, everyone should be sick by now of hearing about my Birthday Weekend. Ergo, one final 28th Birthday Gift to me: my own blog post on my own blog. Class.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday 'Fessional. (Be) Lated (Birthday).

Thank you so much for
all of the Birthday Wishes & Birthday Love.

So ... I'm posting this just about 2 hrs & 30 min late. But, after this wonderful evening of some really great family & friends celebrating my 28th birthday with me, it felt necessary to disclose. I...

Birthday Outfit
& the Rooms.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How To. Spring Ahead.

Keep a regular schedule and double check your cell phones to make sure they jump ahead. …Jk. We’re talking wardrobe & make-up Spring Ahead. Which, with a transition from the darks of winter into the bolds of spring, can be much trickier then getting back in-sync with your circadian clock. My biggest concern isn’t switching over the closet. Instead, it’s squeezing in my last bits of black and gray, wool and tweed, before I put them into hibernation beneath my bed. Below are a few helpful tips to help the transish...

My (miniature) closet.
We make it work.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Shop Local. Made in America: Anthropologie Birthday Horray!

I am almost 30. Which would be a lot more accurate if we were dawning upon the eve of my 30th Birthday. Which we are not. Instead, I say the official foray into my late-20's is close enough. Not that I view 30 as enemy territory. In fact, I view 30 & all things leading up as an excuse to act more adult. Which means using my 15% off Birthday gift to Express Ship expensive blouses from Anthropologie warehouse to my doorstep, before 28 years of celebration ensues, completely guilt-free. Post Script: Express Shipping is just $10 more. #worthit
Free Membership. 15% off. Free Standard Shopping.
Happy Birthday.