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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How To. Spring Ahead.

Keep a regular schedule and double check your cell phones to make sure they jump ahead. …Jk. We’re talking wardrobe & make-up Spring Ahead. Which, with a transition from the darks of winter into the bolds of spring, can be much trickier then getting back in-sync with your circadian clock. My biggest concern isn’t switching over the closet. Instead, it’s squeezing in my last bits of black and gray, wool and tweed, before I put them into hibernation beneath my bed. Below are a few helpful tips to help the transish...

My (miniature) closet.
We make it work.

How To Spring Ahead.
Wardrobe & Make-Up.

Identify the winter pieces you love, and sprinkle in the spring.

1. Winter Pieces. Let’s be real, I do not buy clothes by-the-season. That’d be too sophisticated. (And snobby?) In other words, aside from the mountain-man-sweaters, my clothing has no definitive affinity toward any season. But certainly, my clothing possesses traits. The key for my seamless transition into the spring season is ensuring that I wear my favorite “winter skin” at least one last time. What, then, do I identify as “winter skin”??

Winter Pieces & Some Spring.
Winter jewel tones & dark pants
paired with light lace accent.

Winter Skin:
-Jewel tones.
-Thick sweaters & cardigans.
-Textured pant. (Think tweed.)
-Knit & black.
-Lace & dark.

Spring is a sheer thing.
(And sea-foam green. And turquoise. And floral. And.)
2. Spring. Especially if you’re from Rochester,NY--snow/slush/sunless city USA--& even when spring is your least favorite season (mine), by March you jones. Especially with this year’s trends--bold jeans and nail art brandishing their colors on runways throughout New York and London-- this spring thirsts for zeal. That is why it is crucial to transform your “winter skin” into something more colorful, if not brighter. Fresh & vibrant spring shades include:

Greens:                                                                                      Neutrals:                               
-Chartreuse                                                                               -Off-White                              
-Mint                                                                                         -Light Khaki                          
-Melon (honeydew green & cantaloupe orange)                 -Anything Gray                   
-Sea-Foam Green                                                                      -Earthen blues and reds

Look to Lace to Lighten things Up.
Sprinkle on the Spring.

Pastels:                                                                                       Textures:
-Bubblegum Pink                                                                     -Lace
-Lavender                                                                                  -Tweeds (with brights)
-Cyan (not sure this is technically a “pastel”)                     -Denim (chambray is huge)
-Turquoise (also not necessarily a “pastel”)                        -Sheer 

                                              -Geometric (Diane von Furstenberg)
                                              -Tribal (South West)
                                              -Floral (always)
                                              -Leopard (always)

Wildly mad for chartreuse.
(And I stole those earrings from the fab @nicolejaclyn, so.)

3. Sprinkle. The key to not going too spring too fast is to sprinkle in slowly. Like sugared-candies atop a chocolate almond. This means accessorizing liberally and pairing staples carefully. My secret spring accessories are bright earrings (as opposed to the faux pearls I wear almost year-round) and a demure nail. Many opt for the nail art. I prefer mine more simple. A few fresh coats of mint green, turquoise blue, ballerina pink. Maybe an accent-grey here and there.

Accessorizing Liberally:                                     Pairing Carefully:
-Sweet bags                                                             -Light looks beneath heavy sweaters
-Funky shoes                                                           -Wools balanced by sheers
-Necklaces & jewels                                               -Tweeds with bold brights
-Oversized studs                                                      -Winter boots with leggings & skirts/dresses

Tip: Spring Ahead (Quickly) - If all black, brighten those nails!

Zoya in Kennedy.
Essie in Chinchilly.
OPI in On Stranger Tides.

Revlon in Jaded.

Essie in Turquoise & Caicos.

How To/Friday Fesh!

A subtle, though striking, way to spring-ahead your look.

1. Lips. Lip color is huge. Winter was all about mattereds and burgundy berries. You can keep these colors fresh by layering gloss. Or, you can invest in a more citrus/floral-inspired look. While I love lip color, I do not love spending on my sticks. (With only a few wears each week, I never use the entire product.) Instead, I’ve found huge success with drugstore brands. Favs?

Lipstick                                                                        Lip Tubes

Sweet & Salacious. In an innocent way.
(Not Pictured: Bobbi Brown Lip Balm.)
                                                       Lip Care/Gloss
                                                 -Bobbi Brown Lip Balm
                                                 -Express Lip Gloss

2. Cheeks. Many skip straight over the peaches & creams and move face-first into the bronzers. For those beach babes at heart, I feel ya’. But with forever-porcelain skin, peaches & pinks & creams are the perfect way to accent my complexion. For moi, the main change spring brings is highlighter. Pearlescent pinks. Dewey seashells. Soft sticks. Highlighter/luminizer, a foil-of-sorts to bronzer, adds contour by brightening and lightening. The added shimmer, a simple sweetness for spring.

Tip: Spring Ahead (Subtly) – Use brights to play-up just 1 facial feature at 1 time: eyes, lips, or cheeks!

Accessories & Make-Up.
Chartreuse oversized earrings with pink-hibiscus lips,
lace, & leopard print pash. 
…But really. Double check your cell phones & house clocks. Sunday, March 10 Lovers.


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