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Roc. Style. Entertainment.

Roc. Style. Entertainment.

You love Rochester, NY & you love style and entertainment. Explore Rochester's local boutiques, shops, and restaurants with the "Shop Local" Campaign & discover and rediscover new and old favorite Roc spots. Entertainment reviews? Fashionista's Guide to Rochester provides that & advice for what to wear when you're stumped on style. Not your typical guide & not your typical Rochester.

Shop Local. Thrift & Vintage at Blessed Next-to-New Sale.

Shop Local. Go Buy Rochester for Tasteful Additions.

Shop Local. Happy Birthday Shop Peppermint!!! & Wants v. Don't Needs.

Shop Local. B is for Birthdays. B is for BarbaraEllen. B is for 28th Birthday Weekend.

Shop Local. GoBuyRochester.

Shop Local. Eat Local. Dolce Cupcakery.

Shop Local. Holiday Wrap-Up In The #Roc .

Shop Local. Think Global. Nicole France-Coe for Noonday Collection.

Shop Local. Peppermint & Small Business Saturday #ROC .

BarbaraEllen Give Away. Traditional Glass Beads from Ghana.

Shop Local. Think Global. Traditional Glass Beads from Ghana.

Fashionista's Guide to Rochester: Victoire.

Local. #GoBills ! ... Even When Announcers Hate. (And You Lose.)

Love. Laughs. Life. Local. Americana 4th.

Shop Local. Glass Bead Artist Francesca DeCaire.

Shop Local. Wegmans: Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

Life. But the Fighter Still Remains.

Shop Local. Abundance CoOp.

Tattoo Kamikaze. I Got Inked.

Shop Local. I Bought a Fannie Pack.

Shop Local. Blessed Buys from Blessed Sacrament Next-To-New-Sale.

Shop Local. Blessed Sacrament Next-To-New Sale.


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  2. Friends we absolutely should be. Thirty-something is what I strive to be! Married & kids, perhaps, but that'd be rushing a few steps... Haha. I would also love to collab. Love your style!! ...We'll talk. {insert sly wink.}


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