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Internal Monologue.

Internal Monologue.

Original purpose of BarbaraEllen was to extract the rando reactions my mind conjured to its everyday life & to record some of life's momentous events, plop them onto the internet, & see if anyone could relate. Holidays. Birthdays. Nights Out. Nights In. That impetus will always remain. And will do so on this page.  ...Not your typical internal monologue.

Internal Monologue. Made in America: Anthropologie Birthday Hooray!

Internal Monologue. This is a Migraine.

Internal Monologue. Instalog.

Internal Monologue. Follow Up! New Year's Resolutions 2013.

Auld Lang Syne. Happy New Year's Resolutions 2013!!

Internal Monologue. For the Love of Dog.

Internal Monologue. OMG I WANT THIS.

Happy Thanksgiving: Toasts & Ghosts.

Life. Frankenstorm & Migraine Sandy.

Life. ...As Least I'm Not As Sad: Ode. to FUN.

Life. Thyroid. Love. Katia's Birthday.

Looks. Cut Out Dress Cuts It Out & I Can't Cut It Out.

Looks. Anthropologie #DreamInDenim Pinterest Contest. Kind Of.

Love. America's Test Kitchen: Googling & Eating.

Love. Momsly!

Love. Friday with the Fam.

Looks. If a Yetti Mated with Big Bird. Or: Spring Cleaning.

Laughs. Calming Manatees.

Laughs. Christine Preddy! To Light a City.

Looks. Wearing All New Clothes at Once: Like Christmas Morn. 

Laughs. It's Called a House Coat.

Life. Last Day.

Love. Ode to Mr. Klonks: Flemish Rabbits & Other Things...

Life. Friday Night.

Life. No Recipe.

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