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Friday, May 11, 2012

Love. Friday with the Fam.

1. Da' Moe. Took me golfing at Ozzie's in Hamlin. Straight down The Parkway, my faaaaaav road in all of Rochester. New York State, really. You can take that baby, lake side, almost straight to Canada. But back to golfing ...

I didn't. Just a few puts. Many questions. Da' Moe did. Kicked butt. (He'd deny it.) Plus, Ozzie's is beautiful. Quiet and quaint. Great people.

Then we ate cheeseburgers. Two each. Just kidding. But that's what I initially ordered. By accident. (Though I was quite famished.) Burgers: so fresh & juicy, pic didn't stand a chance.

 2. Momsly. Walking tour of Mt. Hope Cemetery. Woop! Just kidding. Which, apparently, is Thursdays. So it's a good thing we didn't follow that car we saw driving way up to where one might visit a grave... But I did take a sweet pic of this side gate (with a gazebo) in the background. Also, of these dog dishes & food bag, which curiously sit outside the cemetery walls. Kinda' cool.

Since Twilight Walking Tour didn't pan-out, Momsly & I headed to the Lilac Fest. Lilacs? This year, way past their prime. But please know: Highland Park is so much more than Lilac's ... and Nancy's Lemonade. (Though it is very much the latter.) Promise to do a post 'bout Highland once I crop all my pics from the other week. To preface: direct quotation from the Moms.

 "The wall of rhododendrons!!!!" Hand clasp.
When we turned the corner, "The real wall of rhododendrons!!!!" Stunned.

Not yet blossomed in full and still, they are gorge. Strolling through Highland Park? Always idyllic & serene. Like butterflies playing chase. Which happened. A lot.

3. To close. Contraband. My pick. Because we all remember what happened the last time Da' Moe was in control...(teen movie sesh ... see toward bottom of post). Good film. Keeps you guessing. Or, if you're me, asking questions. Which Momsly was quite good at answering. (Not that I'm surprised. ... But I am.) Best part? Giovanni Ribisi. By far. Always, he's been one of my favs. Below-the-radar type-a-guy. Annoying that I can't recall the first movie in which I saw him and felt immediately affected. (Most likely will awake mid-sleep with its name on my tongue.) In this roll? Unidentifiable. Loved it. Not for the character he played. But for his talent. The transformation. Great film for a Friday night.

And now, I'm off to bed.

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