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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Laughs. When Words Go All High School.

Some of them become popular.
& then cliche.
& then never ever ever seem to go away.

Lots of this: #.
It's like high school

when you used to be the life o the party, super funny & cool.
But now, you might just be a burgeoning alcoholic, over-doing it & annoying.

I don't know.
Let's talk about them.

* * *

Epic. (make. it. end.)
Fail. (grown-ups--including teachers--are not allowed & neither are you)
Random. (old school)
Old School. (phrase)
Lame. (like it)
Bible. (it's become a thing)
Legit. (always)
Love your face. (stop, please)
Not gonna' lie. (worssstt offender ever. Frat boys--the always be in more than pairs b/c especially pairs is too risky--of phrases. Thankfully has died out. Also, stop phrasing things in-the-negative. Unless...)
I don't hate it. (love, always)
Absolutely. (easy trap to fall into. & fav to those trying to be taken seriously. I used it a lottt at old work. Couldn't stop. Ohiughck, the memories.)
There ya' are. (no one says this--yet--except for Australian lady on roomie's work out vid. We need to make it a thing. ...Go!)
For reals? (This one's still okay)

* * *

Let's all use the word 

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