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Saturday, October 20, 2012

BarbaraEllen Give-Away. Traditional Glass Beads from Ghana.

 BarbaraEllen Give-Away.

For a chance to win a strand of Traditional Glass Beads from Ghana, sign-up to Follow BarbaraEllen blog. Enter your email address beneath the Follow BarbaraEllen by Email! prompt. Press Submit. Verify your account by email. It's that easy!!

You Could Win a Strand of These.

Shop Local.
Think Global.
Follow BarbaraEllen.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday 'Fessional. Ugly-Pretty Faces: An Economic Argument & a How To.

An Economic Argument
for Ugly-Pretty Faces.

I practice making them. The benefits of practicing outweigh the losses of not. It's simple. Girls who make ugly faces & still look pretty, have to be really pretty girls. In fact, with logic this cogent & returns this marginal, you're fashionably irresponsible to not. Take that Marx, Smith, Bernanke, & Tyra.

Ugly Face.
Not at all Pretty.
Too much chin action & horizontal expansion for my features & face-shape.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To. Everyday Beauty for Everyday Luxury.

Everyday Beauty. Everyday Luxury.

I say everyday. But I have to admit, these are things I should do everyday. As in, I don't always. Which makes little sense. This How To combines the convenience of everyday household items with the simplicity of placing them into your already existing routines. Little money. Little time. Turn everyday beauty into everyday luxury.

Bag Balm for your Sole.
Made in VT!
How To. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shop Local. Think Global. Traditional Glass Beads from Ghana.

Traditional Glass Beads from Ghana.

Last month, while shopping in Magix (vintage boutique of new & thrifted trends) during South Wedge-Ucation, I spotted the most brilliant blue beads, brazen against the back wall. Miniature dinner plates of zig-zagged-black, enshrined by lightening-bolt-yellow and cast against an inky blue sky, donned earring posts to mingle amongst the bead's stentorian swag. The price tag? Barely $8. As I gushed to the sales women (both very trendy, knowledgeable, and nice) over these incredibly well priced, handmade Ghanaian beads, a moment of serendipitous sweetness poured over me. There she is, in unison, they chimed. In walked Amy Shema. Purveyor of these creations. 

In short: They are Traditional Glass Beads made in Ghana, by-hand using traditional methods, from recycled glass. All proceeds go to fund the education of Ghanian children.

Pictures of the Ghanian Beads
taken in Ghana.

Traditional Glass Bridal Beads Made in Ghana.
Stentorian Swag.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Looks. Laughs. Friday 'Fessional: Outfit Planning Gone ...

Any Outfit Planners Out There??

Feel Free to Ignore Scribblings Like:
Fashion Highish,
Very Kristen Stewart/Tomboy/Streets,
Street Chic.

Monday, October 8, 2012

How To. Posting/Commenting Etiquette: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. And Their Subtext.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.
The Big Three.

Each have etiquette. And the etiquette of each, unique to their subtext. Or rather, what each Social Media mogul does aside from what we users intend. (Intention which, obvi, is always to brag.)

The does:

-Facebook: publicize entire personal life. 

-Twitter: aggrandize entire social life. 

-Instagram: memorialize entire trivial life. 

But, whether we acknowledge it or not, we Friends, Followers, and Likers, alike, have written some of our own terms of agreement.

google images.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Love. Friday 'Fessionals: This Is Why I'm Single ... And It's Not Because I'm Neurotic.

This Is Why I'm Neurotic.

First. I'm Post-Migraine. Cold. Flu. Who knows.


That is so Fetch.
Taken from Google Images.
I couldn't fall back asleep b/c ... it's Friday. And I was late last Friday. And it's Friday 'Fessional. And I'm going to make this work more than the word fetch tried by a Mean Girl named Gretchen. Even though it probably really doesn't mater & by the time I publish this, I'll be ... almost dead. Again.

This Is Why I'm Single.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fashionista's Guide to Rochester: Victoire.

Belgian Beer Garden Anyone??

This is the first of the newest series wherein I review a local Roc hotspot
and make fashion recs for what to wear, to boot. 

V is for Victoire, the newest addition to Rochester's burgeoning bar-meets-trendster scene. This Belgian addition to East Avenue nears downtown, in the seat of the Rochester Club Building, and sits directly across from the late-20's/30-something crowd that populates Temple Bar & Salinger's. If you're barely famil. and all you can conjure mirrors plastic mugs, twenty-tweens, & festival gates, erase all images of the East End Fest from your mind. 

Friday Full Moon.
Sept 28. Second Night Outside of Victoire Beer Garden.
Victoire, French for "Victory" and pronounced as such, is anything but East End & everything East Ave. With a wide array of commercial (Ommegang) and lesser-known (Duchesse De Bourgogne) Belgian drafts and bottles, including sweeter Lambic & Cider selections, along with a killing kitchen that serves a tasteful fusion of old v. new--like the must-order gourmet counter to its streetcar offering, Poutine, so common to our South Wedge--

this bar is as much victory as it is versatility.