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Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday 'Fessional. Ugly-Pretty Faces: An Economic Argument & a How To.

An Economic Argument
for Ugly-Pretty Faces.

I practice making them. The benefits of practicing outweigh the losses of not. It's simple. Girls who make ugly faces & still look pretty, have to be really pretty girls. In fact, with logic this cogent & returns this marginal, you're fashionably irresponsible to not. Take that Marx, Smith, Bernanke, & Tyra.

Ugly Face.
Not at all Pretty.
Too much chin action & horizontal expansion for my features & face-shape.
Ugly-Pretty Faces.

First, know your face shape. If your face is longer & narrower, work in horizontal planes. If your face is rounder & wider (me), work in vertical planes.

Ugly-Pretty Face.
Notice elongated chin to elongate my wide face in  a vertical plane.
Notice the clearly agape mouth to emphasize my full lips.
Second, work with what you've got. If you have very defined features, distort your face in ways that say, Hey, even when I blow my cheeks-up to try & appear chubs, I'm still a babe. If you have large lips, open wide or scrunch inward. Nothing in between.

Originally taken to show the difference a camera angle makes.
Also uncannily shows the difference knowing your angles makes.
Third, know your angles. If you have a well-defined chin, move inward toward your neck. If you don't have a well-defined chin (me), don't you dare move anywhere toward your neck.

Ugly-Pretty Face.
I think we all know that, while I dislike mustache trend, I likelike this phot.
Yet imagine how creepy it'd look with my pupils aimed directly toward the lens...
Fourth, when in doubt: look away from the lens. Whites of the eye immediately brighten so that the coy-mysterious-innocent-nonchalant translation drives frienemies cray.

Ugly Face.
Gerbil face! I've moved away from the full face-scrunch,
but I sometimes still default to the nose-scrunch. Not my best look.
Fifth, practice. Worse thing you can do is imitate another friend's ugly-pretty--(still taking faces here)--especially if she has a different shaped face, angles, or features. If you nose-scrunch because your gorgeous, willowy, freckled friend looks adorably hot, and you have a moon-face, you will look like a gerbil. Don't imitate your friends.

Me practicing ugly-pretty faces before drinks ... with a guy.
Left Side: Ugly (scrunch nose, chin crunch)
Right Side: Ugly-Pretty (elongate, lip scrunch)

loves you
(if you practice


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