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Monday, October 8, 2012

How To. Posting/Commenting Etiquette: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. And Their Subtext.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.
The Big Three.

Each have etiquette. And the etiquette of each, unique to their subtext. Or rather, what each Social Media mogul does aside from what we users intend. (Intention which, obvi, is always to brag.)

The does:

-Facebook: publicize entire personal life. 

-Twitter: aggrandize entire social life. 

-Instagram: memorialize entire trivial life. 

But, whether we acknowledge it or not, we Friends, Followers, and Likers, alike, have written some of our own terms of agreement.

google images.

Social Media Etiquette.

Always, these terms (& those in real life), are based upon said subtext. So. What do we desire to transpire from our actions?? 

The subtext:

-Facebook: (try to) ostracize those who aren't really our friends. 

-Twitter: (try to) become involved with, or admired by, those who probably won't ever be our friends. 

-Instagram: (try to) seek the approval of everyone who isn't already our friend. 


Quite Simply. 

-Facebook, the commonality of it so household that, like cans of creamed corn, we stock-pile past acquaintances in the event of the Friend Apocalypse, is a space where, solely, we stick to (real) Friends. Like. Comment. Share. Stick only to your circle. At least publicly. All other wandering activity saved for those once-in-a-whiles, like when someone's status is actually awesome, or (more commonly) when someone captures a momentous event. (Wedding. Graduation. Etcetc.)

Solitary Posts.
Only to ... My (real) Friends.

-Twitter, very uncommon with the un-social media elite/everyday person & yet extremely common with the celebrity/brand or budding celebrity/brand, is a space where we social climb. And in doing so, seek to squash the rise of all others. In other words,  Retweet/Reply/Favorite only to be advantageous. How this plays out in reality? Super funny tweet. By someone, you might know, but by whom you won't benefit. (Probably Follows you but you don't Follow them... .) Laugh seriously hard in the solace of your own space. But for God's sake do not press that star button. Do. Not.

I've Tweeted a-4939illion times since three days ago!
And that up there is a lot 'o' replies for me.

-Instagram, at first the domain of the social elite (aka hipster-wanna-be), and then mysteriously more commonly relegated to ... every Facebook user. Hhmmm. Because Instagram's a growing platform, and because you desperately want to replicate follower-numbers to the likes of your Facebook status, it's a free-for-all. Never mind you deny that Facebook "Friend" the thumbs-up in the very space they originated as your friend--not the halls of your high school, but rather The Wall or your Home Page--but moreover, soon as you see that pic with colors you like or a filter you ogle, you heart-it. Once their on Insty, you're bff all-never-again. I mean, pretty soon you're commenting! And then able to identify the bar behavior of their friends, who you do not even know more than you don't know this person, even though you've never (purposefully) populated a bar, together, in either of your lives.

These are a fraction of my ♥ on Instagram
& I don't even know 1/2 of these people!

In short:

-Facebook: Like/Share/Comment only with your "real" Friends so that you can (try to) ostracize everyone else.

-Twitter: Retweet/Reply/Favorite only to (try to) social climb so that it benefits you even when the other person's tweet is seriously amazing (like all of mine).

-Instagram: Heart/Comment like crazy. You will reunite with people you never knew you once were supposed to know. And (try to) get lots of Followers.


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