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Friday, October 5, 2012

Love. Friday 'Fessionals: This Is Why I'm Single ... And It's Not Because I'm Neurotic.

This Is Why I'm Neurotic.

First. I'm Post-Migraine. Cold. Flu. Who knows.


That is so Fetch.
Taken from Google Images.
I couldn't fall back asleep b/c ... it's Friday. And I was late last Friday. And it's Friday 'Fessional. And I'm going to make this work more than the word fetch tried by a Mean Girl named Gretchen. Even though it probably really doesn't mater & by the time I publish this, I'll be ... almost dead. Again.

This Is Why I'm Single.

I love Mr. Klonks. (Not why I'm single.) He is my soulmate. (...Closer to why I'm sigle.) I have this theory. Only one other person knows. ...

Mr. Klooooooonks!!!
Left to Right: Sleepy time. Flemish Rabbit!
Handsom boy. We do have another dog. Name is Rocky. He's okay.
Ohhh, I'm so tired. Ooooh. I'm so happy. And Shnuggly. And BarbaraEllen is my soulmate!!

In short, I believe that I am single (for almost 4 years...) based on the theory--remember, I took Intro to Philosophical Problems at Pitt, no 2 at the time for philosophy, so...--that we can only have 1 soulmate, not necessarily throughout a lifetime, but certainly at only 1 point in 1 time. Human or animal. And Mr. Klonks is my soulmate. Which means... You continue the neurotic-girl logic from there & conclude what it means. (...Can only have: One. At. A. Time. Don't ever leave me Mr. Klonks!!!!)

BarbaraEllen + Mr. Klonks.




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