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Friday, September 14, 2012

Laughs. Friday 'Fessionals: Philosophical Problems.

Friday Fessionals is a new series where, every Friday, I confess.
Something about sleeping better at night?? And the cute alliteration.
Too fun to pass up.
& now


 It's time to fess-up.

I'm sorry Intro. to Philosophical Problems TA at Pitt my junior year. I'm sorry.
(Voice of Nick Swardson specifically while doing "Grandma's Boy" bit & talking about how he & Shirley Jones boinked.)


When I showed up to recitation frantic & crazed & cranked on caffeine--I mean, I'm sorry for that alone, good gracious--and begged you to help me write my philosophical critique. (No idea the technical term for that. Because you know there is one.) Something about the structure and the content and the language and the philosophy and. Yeah, I had no freaking clue. 'Member when you asked why I was having so much difficulty? And you asked if I read the readings? To which I replied:

No. (Indignant.)
I don't read these. (Are you crazy!?)
Ahhhh ...I'm an English Ma-jor. 
Have enough reading to do. I don't have time for this stuff. (Disgusted.)
Now help me get an A. (NOW!)

And you did. Instead of verbally slapping the shit out of me, you helped.

So, Intro to Philosophical Problems TA: please accept this gracious apology. I know not what I did. And while I also still know not what the fuck Philosophical Problems are, I thank you for taking care of mine.

(PS. Ran into the prof on a NYC subway headed to Brooklyn few yrs back. We chatted. Rode the stops together. Kinda' cool. Until I grew...frightened? See, dude had no idea where he was staying, & I told him where I was headed. But then, when I got to my stop, he stayed on. {Phew.} Well, Intro to Philosophical Problems TA, I attribute that potential restraining order to you. Because you helped me learn to solve Philosophical Problems. Even when I was a dick.)

* * *


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