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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Local. #GoBills ! ... Even When Announcers Hate. (And You Lose.)

I won't pretend to be a sports officiando, because I'm not. That is why, throughout this post, you will never hear me refer to the announcers by name. I don't know their names. I don't know their announcing styles. And I only know announcing etiquette based upon the various football--college & pro--golf, soccer, & Olympics that I've picked up on at home, in college (PITT), at bars, & over the years. Second, I'm not a sports officiando ... & I still know that the announcers were hating on The Bills. Are you kidding me???

Girls' Seats at Bills v. Pats Game.
Pic taken & game day organized by Katia.

We were up 14-7 after 2 consec TD runs before the 1st half when previously down. 
B please...

Before I break-it-down,
please let it be know that... 

Loyal & Beautiful Bills fan Katia.
This phot is j'adorbs if only The Bills won...
... I could have been at this game today!! The loyal & beautiful Bills fan, Katia Lubov, organized an outing. They had killer seats. (See above.) I declined. Nicole sewed (sewed) hair bows. I didn't go. 

Bills Hair Bows for Bills v. Pats Game.
Sewed by Nicole. Also work when drinking PBR.
...Moving on.

Since they happened in real-time, I feel that only my Facebook posts can truly capture the absurdity of this negative energy bestowed upon The Bills by the announcers. I turned the game on at the most opportune time, directly before Bills forced a fumble from Pat's Tight End Rob Gronkowski (had to google search some of that), & so my commentary begins there. (...Why not Twitter you ask? ...Not enough characters.)

Let's Go, Buffalo!

Last year's Bills v. Jets Game.
This is how I feel about today's CBS announcers.

Facebook Feed.
Sampling of Announcers Negativity toward Bills.

Disclaimer: I get that The Bills didn't put it away in the 2nd half, and that at end of the game, that is what counts. But The Bills losing has nothing to do with The Bills dominating at one point & still getting shit from the announcers while making plays. Shouldn't announcing, yes be about context & history but moreover, about analyzing current, in-time plays. What's more relevant to the game than that.

First Observation.
Announcers attribute what Pat's haven't done to Bills success,
instead of what The Bills have done ... to Bill's success.

Second Observation.
Announcers criticize Bills with back-handed compliment.
This is closest thing we have to positive commentary after some great plays.

Third Observation.
Positive commentary only b/c you can't deny the facts.
...Announcers get excited whenever Pats do something remotely decent.

Throughout rest of game, I took some notes. No big. If you want to get even more riled-up & redirect your rage away from Bill's 2nd half & onto the announcers, look below. I know that announcers have nothing to do with outcome of the game & that the players & coaches are who make it. People can talk all they want so long as The Bills deliver - sort of mentality. And they didn't. Not today. Not in about a decade. But today, those announcers with their biased comments got me more frustrated than The Bills inability to close. I'm out.

* * *

#LetsGoBuffalo !


Post-Script - 2nd Half.
Amateur Analysis of Announcers Hating on Bills.

A quick 3-&-out right after their defense had been gashed. – Announcers after Pats TD in 3rd.

Here’s the front 4 of Buffalo that everyone’s so high on really getting gashed […] . – Announcer onn Pat run in last 6-5 min of 3rd after discussing how these are the games that The Pats always win. … Why don’t the announcers get excited when The Bills are making plays & running down the field?

How come when the Pats kicker finally made field goal for extra point, there was no commentary upon how he previously missed? And notice how before going to commercial, announcer emphasized … Bills outscored 14 points in 2nd half. … When did you ever announce in 1st that we scored 2 consec TD runs, aside from directly after it occurred?

Fitzpatrick. Got it from behind AND LOST THE FOOTBALL. – Boner much?? Announcers get way too excited about this when it’s going south for The Bills. …No pun.

Well. A disappointing series for Buffalo … Now Tom Brady is feeling it.– Announcer to describe Buffalo 3rd quarter. WHY WEREN’T BILLS FEELING IT AT END OF 2nd BEFORE HALF!?????
Oh even Tom Brady’s gotta’ bust out into a smile after that. … After what? He ran < 10 yards for a TD. Announcer: That is about as common as Haley’s Comment.   – Then why have I, someone who doesn’t religiously follow football, seen that sort of play before? Guaranteed if this was Fitzpatrick running in, & there was any debate or doubt as to whether he ran it in all the way, or not, announcers would be singing a different tune. Instead of focusing on how adroit he was & what a good play it was, they’d be focusing on what Fitzpatrick should have done differently to make it a definitive TD from the start.

And for first time since beginning of this game, New England Patriots are ON TOP. – After Gronkowski TD in 4th. If it were a Bills TD, guaranteed there’d be commentary no how they never should have let lead go in the first place.

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