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Friday, July 20, 2012

Review. Friends With Kids.


The crying in this movie--my crying--was better than the laughing. And I mean that in the best way.

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Didn't start off so strong. Something about the uniform humor: unerring in punchy, nonchalant witticisms and edgy though friendly reparte. My favorite kind of humor. But unnerving when it's everyone else's too. Also, had a seriously difficult time understanding Writer, Director, and Lead Actress (whaaaa?!) Jennifer Westfeldt. Her voice is like soft-serve. But certainly becomes more audible as the film progresses. And more than certainly could just be my kick-ass (not) audio set-up. 

But gradually, mirroring the pace of momentous occasions which unfurl in all of our lives, the film picked-up momentum. 
Jennifer Westfeldt.
Taken from Google Images.

Here's the Twitter Play-by-Play. 
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Only thing: Scott/Westfield kid looks like how my lil bro looked. TOOOOOO CUTE.

Everyone has the same personality/sense of humor. Worked in not in .


Alright. Movies getting good.

Getting so good.



BEST MOVIE EVERRRRRRRRRR. When fuck the shit out of you becomes romantic. OMG SO GOOD.

Post Script


(Misspelled writer/director/lead actor's name. ...Not ideal.)

The good tweets.
Let me take you through my key moments which elicited ... tears.

1. Casting: Annoying at first that Adam Scott seems so mismatched with Westfeldt whose character feels older due to maturity. Enlightening once you realize it was a purposeful initial-mismatch to--again--mirror real life

Also refreshing that Kirsten Wiig isn't center-stage. Not because we don't want her to be, but rather, because she delivers such an authentic supporting character in a less-than-comedic-&-way-more-dramatic-role. Versatility. Love

2. Plot: Not predictable. I don't care what you think you know. Real. Real. Real. Real. In my minuscule experiences--compared to these characters'--the ebbs & flows of this friendship feels genuine. The difference between: that actually/really does happen & I want that so badly to happen. 

3. Rom-Com: Like these only when they're heavier on the com than the rom. This one has the balance so articulately married, it's like coco & cinnamon with a steak or champagne & citrus in a cake.  

4. Realism: Plot--what you read on IDMb or back of blue-ray--is far-fetched: 2 bff having a baby & raising it as just-friends to avoid pitfalls of marriage. ...Excuse me? But theme--underlying story-line which unites all characters--is real life: marriages which struggle because of children, maybe fall apart because they were shallow; relationships with struggle because of children, maybe fall apart because they are shallow; marriages & relationships which grow painstakingly and slowly over time because of difficult self-realizations.

Shit's so real, I cried. Alright. Two different parts.

5. Originality: Not just in plot. Or how film was able to turn rom-com, with craycray plot, into realistic story. But, also, in its delivery of romanticism.

I want to (or maybe it was I need to or maybe let me ... no matter) "fuck the shit out of you." When a film makes that romantic. Genuinely romantic. You-are-crying-right-now-romantic. You-believe-it-romantic. When a film does that ... Genius. GENIUS WESTFELDT. Genius.

Best romantic-comedy I've ever watched. Because I don't count Anchorman as romantic. ...But even if I did, Friends With Kids would still probably win.

* * *

Haven't had a boyfriend in almost 4 years. Film refocuses me. Gives me hope. Not false hope. Like go-like-best-guy-friend or re-like-loser-I-got-over. Rather: Like it's okay to be late-30's & still not know. I can live with that. ... Although, should probably land a few boyfriends between now & then.


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