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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Love. America's Test Kitchen: Googling & Eating.

You're watching TV & your fav show/chef/cook is showing you the goods on how to make your favvvv dish. But you don't have your fav pen with which to write it down. (Oh. You don't have a fav pen?) We can all admit it, relate to it, commiserate about it. ... 
Or Not! 
Because I'm going to give you some old school Google search tips, & you're going to find some new school recipes. Like this one from America's Test Kitchen.

My Test Kitchen.

Fettuccine. Shrimp. Asiago. Wine. Burro. 
See what I did there? Not an analogy. This isn't the SATs. (They did away with analogies, no?) No. I did a specific search, within a website (i.e. America's Test Kitchen) using Boolean Phrases. Boom. Ya' been googled #: . #Google. 

Google has some pretty key symbols you can use to get exactly what you want. These work for everything. If ya' don't already know, let me show ya a lil' you sum sum:

1. "Quotes": Exact matches. When you "BarbaraEllen blog" Google retrieves only the results that unequivocally have to do with this blog. (Or any other blog by a Barbara Ellen, of which there are plenty.) Lose those "" & you'll get lots o blogs that mention Barbara and Ellen or just Ellen

2. +: Exact matches. Ditto. Put the + directly infront, +BarbaraEllen, & only searches with that will be retrieved.

3. -: Minused matches. Somewhat the inverse, but same point: to narrow a search. Let's say you want to  hone in on The Master's as in Bubba Watson. Master's is likely to elicit many 'a' college/university program. So try this: Masters -college -university . Notice how I use spaces to separate phrasing. Check out these results. Hole-in-One.

4. OR: Either match. "Barbara OR Ellen" will retrive matches for either of those words, but search results won't always have both.

5. *: Stars in space. The asterisk, or star, is a place holder. So maybe you want to find some other blogs about what interests you, but you can't think of many key words. Find at least one key word--for me, it'd be lifestyle--preferably another--style--blog (b/c that's what I want) & [space] *. Here's what ya got. See, another key term would be fashion or life fashion. Word.

6. : : Specific website search. See above.

* * *

Why's this Matter & What's it Have to Do with @TestKitchen?

Home Grown Tomatoes From Mama's Kitchen. Pasta. Shrimp. Yum.

Well. I was watching WXXI one day, & I didn't have my fav pen around... Also, this recipe, Spaghetti with Lemon and Olive Oil (al Limone), looked uhmazing. Thing is, from experiences past, knew I'd need this recipe--exactly from America's Test Kitchen--because I saw it being made. Using the : Boolean meant that exactly what I wanted, showed up first in my search. No need to scroll through all the All Recipes or Cooks or Food Network. Etc. ...Even if the default AND search (americas test kitchen lemon pasta) is just as successful ... this tasted like victory.

True, I didn't follow the recipe verbatim. I'm still trying to edge in that 5-A-Day & perfect my shrimpSo after tweaking some sauteing steps & adding in the wine, I ended up with a decadently light lemon, cream, wine sauce you could almost sip like soup. Not sure if that's good or bad.

But I had seconds.

All Gone.


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