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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Laughs. Evolution of a Cankle.

.Feed Me, I'm Hungry.
Good Mood Food.
(Jamocha & a Curly Fry. Beyond)

1. 5 A Day. (Wegmans slogan from the '90's. Do they still use it? Member those posters that hung from the ceiling? No. Oh. Probably because you didn't work there 4 hours/week as a cashier...)
2. Fruit First. (Or veg. But really. It's this new thing I've been trying where, when I'm trying to figure out what to eat for lunch or dinner, say, I grab a piece of fruit or some cuke logs and it squeezes in those servings. ...And stops me from munching the Jelly Bell's we got chillin' in the kitch.)
3. No Food after 8PM. (Seriously. I'm an early dinner eater anyway, always have been, so this isn't too hard. ...Except when I worked until 7:30PM. Thing is, if I do get the hunger, I eat some celery or cucumber. Light. Refreshing. Hydrating. Crisp. Does the trick.)
4. Hold the Cola. (We all know I love my cola, yeah? Oh, you don't have memorized my eating habits? Oh. Well. I love Cola. Full sug. I call it sugar-pop. Recently, I've decided it's healthier than phenylketonurics. Recently, I've also decided that Ima stick to the Gatorade. Still the same amt of cals. But, keeps me more hydrated, less bloated, and it's blue. Blue. Think we all can agree. It's the better choice.)
5. Keep the Arby's. (I meannnnnnn. It's about balance. Let's be real. And, dammit, let's eat!)

6. Move yo' Body. (So. In a perfect world. Tues AM: yoga. Wed PM: jog. Thurs AM: yoga. Sat AM: kickboxing. Sunday DAY: jog. ...I'll let ya know how it goes.)

Evolution of a Cankle.
(I noticed today that my cankles are starting to mature to ankles. Thank you Downward Facing Dog.)

(Swear my ankles 
look better in person.)

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