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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Laughs. Twinning & Not Winning.

.Let me Shoot this to You Straight.

Channeling Lana.
Last Weekend on the Town.
Left: Cover Art for Born to Die. (Great album!)
Right: Showing off the tat.

Celebrity Twin2Me App on iPhone.
Apparently if you click on
"Show Any Matches,"
it works better.... But Still.

I look like no one. Not Me Broder, John (older). Not Me Oder Broder, Graham

(younger). (All blood related. ...To my credit, they don't look like each other either.) Okay, yesyesyes, I resemble both parents. But most importantly to my understanding of biology & cosmics & genes, to my enjoyment of Halloween & magazine quizzes & smart phone Apps ... I look like 0 celebrities. Cue scary organ & sad violin. Where are the damn tissues?!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Shout-Out.
Left: Mila (Google Images)
Right: If I still had my brown beaded necklace just like that one...

Know the, You look like..., or, Who do I look like..., or, People tell me I look like... ? Yeah. I always lose at that game. Correction. Can't lose what you can't play to begin with. I never get included in that game. The closest person--or people--who I do resemble are Jewish people. Which is awesome. Many famous... But not glamorous.

Sometimes people mistake us. Never.
Left: Natalie Portman for Dior. (Google Images)
Right: 'Cause this is normal.

And so. These phots are my desperate attempt to prove that famous people look like moi. Sadly, I just look bored. Borderline tacky. Definitely creepy... Go with it.

Allure Magazine, February 2012.
Left: Zooey Deschanel
Right: I used to think my eyes were blue.

I'm both sorry & you're welcome.

I'll make

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