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Friday, June 22, 2012

Looks. To & Fro: Daytime to Office time to Nighttime.

.To & Fro.
The Angel Dress

Pleats, material, cut, flow, & feel.
Truly from heaven.
Sometimes known as HM

This is an iterative  series where I present shades of ensembs. Day to Night. Office to Weekend. Casual to Formal. Possibilities have no end. Infinite. Love a good math equation.

* * *
Today, I'm taking you from yesterday's Daytime to Office time to Nighttime. 
Gorge dress. Few belts & bags. Similar themes. One twist.
* * * 

Shall we?

Daytime. Weekend coffee shop. Stroll through surf & sand. Afternoon drinks. Shopping on the Ave. The structure of a shift, flow of a flirt, & overall allusion to Marilyn: a juxtaposition of lines allow this dress (which I adoringly call The Angel Dress) the versatility to conquer just about any weekend, weekday--daytime--activity. I did not don this for such festivities. But here's what it'd look like (sort of) if I did.

Dress: HM winter collection. On sale for $10 or $15! I know.
Belt: (See Below.) Thick faux leather braided with golden hardware. Target.
Shoes: (See below.) BOC c/o Macy's wedges. Comfortably cute!
Hair: Holy humidity. Styled with Fructis Garnier Gel Cream. Secured some-up.
Make-Up: Fresh faced with concealer, Josie Maran c/o Sephora bronzer & blush, bit o mascara.
Earrings: Forever21 pearls (not real). Simple & sweet.

Office time. While on the quest for my dream job (Angel dress seems apropos, no?) I'm working temp. This week, I had a few stints at an office, & so I was super excited for the challenge of transitioning this whimsy look to something more neat.
Daytime v. Office time
Day: bare shouldered
Office: Anthro structured jacket
Metallic bag c/o Marshall's

Important to note that for both, make-up & hair are the same. Though, once I drove to the office in my 100 °car, senza AC, & parked, my cascading curls were no match for the office's air. And so I tied up the rest of my hair. Perhaps even more office chic, though not at all necessary for the transit. 

Nighttime. Yesterday was my gorgeous, beautiful, hilarious, always-make-you-feel-funny-&-fun, friend--Shannon Doyle's--25th birthday. (She's a catch straight guys who are reading this... .) Went to Dino. (...Member this post? Yeah, twice in 2 weeks is absolutely worth it.) After braving downtown Roc's parking--norms not an issue--b/c of Rusted Root (yah!) at Party in the Park (oh hey, this post too!), a mob of us met. And I dared to eat me some BBQ in this baby

Office time v. Nighttime.
Dress: Same one, duh!
Belt: Thinner, still brown w gold hardware.
(Lil bro's from an Easter outfit yearssss ago.)
Bag: Chanel imitation from Jewish Temple Sale. (Love this bag!)
Jacket: Hollister denim circa '04. Staple staple staple

The jacket was not worn. At 90°, why I would think I need a jean jacket is beyond beyond...

Shoes: Forever21 hugest wedges I own. Easy to walk in ... if you have cankles.
Hair: More loosely secured. Easy to play with: take down, tie back up.
Make-up: More. Same base. Lots more mascara. Coral lip! Kate Moss for Rimmel.
Makes it fun. 

* * * 
Game changers. The biggest transition here was day/office to night. If, in a crunch, I could have changed only 3 things???
Belt: wide woven brown too homey. 
Needed something sleek but still soft, like the dress.
Shoes: strappy & brown & worn had to go. 
Bring in the towering & chic & black. Now I'm average height.
Make-up: coral coral coral lip! Or hot pink. Or red. 
Depending on your skin tone, a sharp, matte lip is a must need this summer. 
You can pull it off. Yes.

 * * *
Twist.  As noted above, this isn't even a summer dress! It's winter. Only it's luxurious make allows it such versatility. So how to style for the wintertime? The once or twice I wore this, I played-up the white v. black color-blocking that, while it never seems to go out of style, can be undone. If I'm going to attempt, I prefer an off-white or something with texture, so nothing's too harsh or raw or biting against my fair skin.

Wintertime. 1 opaque black tight. 1 thin white belt. 1 pair black booties. 1 luxe black cardi. Red lip. Thick liner. Black jeweled or Pearl earrings. (Think Adele.)  
Winter Angel.



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