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Monday, June 25, 2012

Love. Father's Day, Belated.

Men are typically late, no?
...No? You're right. My dad's the most punctual person I know.

Then no excuses for me. This posting is 1 solid week late, and before I divulge in our Daddy's Day Adventures, let me grandly wish a:

Happy Belated Father's Day 
to all those who are, will be, & were.

 * * *

Our Father's Day ... also known as Da' Moe's Day (by me) ... was pretty unconventional. First thing you need it know is that my dad, Da' Moe, hates Father's Day. Something about all the attention & tertiary holidays in general. That last Sunday, Da' Moe didn't assume the gravitational attraction afforded that huge star up there according to the heliocentric theory, is a good thing. Da' Moe don't go for that.

What Da' Moe do go for is helping out his famblin. And lately, particularly this entire year (...sorry famblin...), that means ... ME. So my Momslin & my Dadslin decided that we were going to sells-lin (okayokay...) some things at Rochester Public Market's--America's Fav Farmer's Market in 2010!--Garage Sale & Super Fleas.

...Uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That's kind of cool. But let me back it up a bit.
Selling Naked Sandals made by Moms.
Rochester Public Market Garage Sale & Flea Market Sundays.

Rochester Public Market, on Union Street, is best known for Saturdays.

Throngs of people, walking through tents & stands & booths from all walks of life. Bountiful vendors with beautiful & healthful goods, almost any ethnicity or culture you can imagine. Clack, boom, pop, thud, screech, sizzle, trickle, slice

This is Rochester Public Market, and this is just one very scrumptious side.

There's specialty features such as Friday evening's concert series, Band at the Bricks, plus demos & tastings from local chefs on Saturdays thanks to Chef's Days at the Market. Which brings us to.........

My friend Katia's Tchotchkes.
Left: Dragon thing that mesmerized many but went home with none.
Right: Everything Must Go!
(She ended up donating to the VOA who were also there.)
Somewhere between 3pm Saturday, as trucks of produce begin to roll-out & 8am Sunday, as tables of knick-knacks begin to pop-up, the vending corridors undergo a metamorphosis. The display is less dense, more scattered. Cardboard boxes replace green crates. What were sweet potatoes & cherries & cucumbers & cheeses, customers jockeying for position, scrambling for correct change, are now moldy books & second hand pans & posters & pieces of other people's lives, would-be buyers scrutinizing each thing, surveying the scope before settling on nothing new.
Drivers & Irons.
Most brand-new & many left!
Let me know if you're interested....

Or in our case, the merchandise was beads & leather & golf clubs........ Yup. Da' Moe's leather jackets, countless, sizes all too large for him to wear now, clubs--many brand new--unable to fulfill promises to him and longing for another swing, and naked sandals that Momsly makes. ... And sells more than anything else we sold, so good job Moms! 

The reason my Moe's participated in & organized (Mom) this sale??? To give me some extra cash in this sometimes nightmare of a dream-job search wherein I live. How touching is that???
Momsly with Da Moe's leathers.
One front & left is the one sold. At $35!
...Who needs a genuine biker jacket, size very large???

Overall, Da Moe's made 'bout some $80. One leather sold! (And at $35.... I mean, you canNOT go wrong). A driver or 2. Several naked sandals. At $25 for 1 rental space (see website/link above for d's): not too shabby.

Thanky Da' Moes.

Thank you,
Vintage Da' Moe: The Original Hipster.
Old Fam Friend.
Right: Da' Moe.
Da' Moe,
for being
Da' Moe

♥ .

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