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Friday, July 13, 2012

Shop Local. Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe.


Just go. Corner of Park & Alexander. (Right down the street, conveniently for moi.) Alongside La-Tea-Da! Tea Room & Parlour. (Post coming soon.) And in Brighton.

Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe.
Left Clockwise: Nutella w Mocha, Kiwi Strawberry;
Blackberry Chardonnay, PB Cup (usually w mini-pb cup topper
... but I got the last one. Mmmmmm)

Top 5 Why

1. Flavors: fresh, classic, funky
2. Service: sweet, quick, super nice
3. Frosting: light, airy, rich, delicate, billowy
4. Cake: gigantic, flavorful, moist, surprising
5. Location: quick, tea-room in-house, local

And you get this Frequent Buyer cute lil' stampy card where, once you buy 12, you get 1 free. ... Baker's Dozen accumulating very soon.

* * *

Even before they blew-up: bakeries in New York, Food Network's Cupcake Wars, cupcakes were always plentiful. Tupperware stacked with alternating yellow & chocolate for lil' Sammy's birthday. (Who's Sammy? I don't know.) But not always great.

Well lately, I've found the scrumtrulescent (ahh - best I could find) winners. Trader Joe's. See Here. Dollop. Blog didn't yet exist. But that's some good ish, & I like her blog. Follow Here.

But, I will say it, Sugar Mountain cupcakes from Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe are hands down my favorite. Not just because I can walk there right now, few blocks down from where I eat, live, & sleep. But because--while I j'adore the frosting they make & could just take a tub of it, go to town--they are the only bakery in all of the world of bakeries of tried (a good many few) where I like the cupcake best

I like the cake part of the cup the best!

Oh those fluffy insides. Thin layer of crystallized crackle to the out. Airy and moist.  Makes me feel like a Ballerina in Candy Land while getting a manicure in my mouth & riding the Sugar Mountain Express. (See what I did there?) Like Care Bares floating on clouds while eating cotton-candy flavored chardonnay cake. I just can't explain it. 
I took bites from all & ate almost all.... Yeah.
Left Clockwise:
All 4 all in-tact, Showcasing
Nutella Mocha ... but bites from all; Hello PB cup (first victim);
Blackberry Chardonnay (saved most for Mama)

1697 Monroe Ave, Brighton
Go buy these cupcakes!!!!
258 Alexander Street, Rochester

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