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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life. No Recipe.

External mono, you ask?

To cook or not to cook?

Me: Hm, think I'll make cilantro pesto. Bought cilantro at the market. It probably went bad. I can still try. Do I drive straight to Wegs, buy the ingreds?Mabes I stop home, check on it first.
Co-Worker 1:  Blank face.
Me: But I don't even know if I want to cook when I get home. Ya know...

Citrus with tofu (to diiiie) & Green Veg
Brown Rice. -Wegmans Sushi-
Me: I mean, think I'll just buy sushi. How does anyone cook when they get home from work at 8pm. Like, come on. Do you? ...Seriously.
Co-Worker 2: Well, my--
Me: Ughhhh--I don't even want to shop at Wegmans. I'll probably just eat toast. Butter & jam. Toast.
Co-Worker 2: (Pause.)
Me: See. Thing is. We'll know once I drive past my street. If I keep goin', I'm shopping at Wegs. If I turn, toast it is.

* * *

Fast-forward.... Guess I kept driving. And I have to say .... 

Not that good
Lemon, Reisling, butter, garlic, shallot, olive oil,
fettuccine, shrimp, cilantro. (Dried. Fresh? ... not so fresh.)

You heard me. Shrimp scampi ... not so tasty. 
Shrimp were rubbery, pasta could have been better seasoned. Sauce was dec. For me, sauce is always the hardest part, so yippee.

All-in-all, never use recipes when I cook, or very rarely. Even though the dish doesn't always (rarely) turns out perfect first time 'round, guess I keep not-using b/c ... it's exciting. An experiment. Live & learn type 'a' thing. Keeps the weekdays fresh. And it's not inedible... Still going to eat it. 

Pffft. ... Who needs a recipe?


  1. I mean, definitely no recipe needed if you have a delicous bottle of Dr. Frank's wine on hand :)Love the blog!

  2. Thanks so much!!!! ...And I agreeeee. #DrFranks


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