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Monday, April 9, 2012

Review of CVS. Pt Deux.

Went to CVS. Again.
.Yesterday & today.

Today, not by choice. Had to fill a 'script. (Post-Script: CVS Pharm, hands down: the best. Comprehensive. Quick. Courteous. 24 hrs ... if it's Monroe, Brighton. Highly recommend. They should prob endorse me.) But let's talk cosmetics.


Fully inspired and instigated by this post (Birchbox). As evidenced, bought the liner. Member this other post when I was all, I have no idea what liner to buy. Please helpppp meeeee! (voice fades to nothing) (No? Click here.)

Spring treats.
 Today, I tried it. Don't hate it. Applies, truly, like a felt-tipped marker. If ya' passed kindergarten... Because I had15-flat to get reds (no joke), didn't have time to experiment. But totes intrigued to see how easily/smoothly it will draw a thicker line. Will let you know.

Sssssoooo excited to try Simple brand.
Other purchases? ... Not so easily explained. Think I got lost amongst the isles. Was looking for the elusive BB cream. (Yessssss. BB cream. Neeeeeeddddd. Think Garnier came out w one. No idea why CVS Monroe hasn't started carrying. As far as designer brands ... they're all doin' it. Kind of a big deal. Moisturizer, SPF, tinted moisturizer, foundation. All of the above.) So I got lost. Rows and aisles of neatly lined boxes, crisp colors, painted jars; boost, vital, glycolic: hard not to get lost.

Simple, with SPF 15.
Must have year-round.
When I realized BB cream wasn't happening (and solid 15 mins of talking to myself had passed), I remembered. The other post (my post) where I confessed that I do not own a moisturizer which has SPF. (Gasp.) Well. Started noticing there were these buy-1-get-one's or buy-1-get-one's-50%-off's & I had those $4 off of $20 and $4 off--those coupons--and so I remembered that I should probably buy some SPF-moisturizer-combo. So I did. But then I had to get the other thing, the 50% off thing. And I need more eye-make up remover. (Don't love the brand I use now.) So. At $4 w the discount, just made sense.

Skineffects has Glycolic & Hyaluronic Acid. Yessss.
Aveeno, with soy, is also sweet.

And then, then, I noticed this. This beauty. (Que-in-music-from-the-heavens.) GLYCOLIC ACID. Forget specifically what awesome-ness glycolic acid imparts. But it is huuuuuuuuge. Filp this baby on it's back. Hyaluronic acid. #ftw. Gold standard in skin care. Gold. Feel like it atones for lack of said ingred in my new moisturizer (as opposed to the Sephora cream which has HydroSenn, which is, perhaps, more awes). Can't even describe new-found enthusiasm for nightly face wash routine. Cannot. I'm going to wash my face, & it's going to be clean. And smooth. And fresh. So fresh & so clean. ...Other ppl before me have been excited by this same concept. (#Outkast .)

Like a Candy Shoppe.
Finally, there's the varnish. (British for nail polish.) Realllllllllyyyyyyy jonesin' for the green. Mint green. Sea foam green. Mint cream. Whatever you want. Needed it. So badly. So badly, wanted to throw-down on the Essie. Drys fast. Amaze. ... But I'm budgeting. (I am.) Quite honestly, this Revlon hue (Jade) looks more foamy & minty than Essie's, so ... there it is. (And I'm on a budget.)


Utterly delic. Utterly.
Had to pick up the 'script. Thing is, to get to the pharm (b/c drive-thru makes me nerves unless associated w Golden Arches), ... had to walk through the make-up aisle. Had. ...No other isles. But, really. (There are.) And that's when I saw it. IT. Bag Balm. Utter cream. Ish, made in Vt., invented to moisturize and un-chap cow utters (kid you not) and, yet, made its way into a Birchbox blog. I'm game. Or should I say ... livestock. Bahahaha. So far? So great. Moisturizes, softens ... lasts 50 years. And while I was bummed that I had to go to CVS (again) to pick up an Rx, have to say ... these lil' babies (see below) made it. Ya' heard.

Luhv these Louis adds.
Taken from W mag. (Love, also.)

PS - Are those hair-ties in creamy pastels not j'adore???? Remind me of new Vuitton adds (ironically). Taken from W magazine.

$15 off a $12 value ...
So $3 back, cash-money?

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