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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looks. To & Fro: Casual Day to Casual Night.

.To & Fro.

This shall be a recurring series where I present shades of ensembs. Day to Night. Office to Weekend. Casual to Formal. Possibilities have no end. Infinite. Love a good math equation...

(See. I just made fashion, mathematical & academic.)

Day Look. In this outfit, I stopped by the Scott Miller Spa (my faaaaaaaaaav-est fav-est salon & spa) for a tune-up. (I swear I will blog 'bout that place someday. Just have to do it justice. The staff & services truly are world-class.)  Then, I ravaged the used books section at Pittsford Barnes & Noble. Tremendously excited about my new reads. (Be on the look-out for critiques!!!)

Day Bottoms: Blue skinny pant (HM)/ Striped loafer (Big Lots...yup.)
Day Top: Polka dot vintage blouse (HM)/ Ruffle cardi (gifted...Sara's Closet.)
Day Hair & Make-up: Wet hair (Kerastase); Soft eye-liner/mascara & cream blush (Sephora)
(plus primer, foundation, & concealer b/c ... who are we kidding.)
Day Accessories.  It's been chilly lately. But poohpooh on a regular coat b/c the other week it was 70, so. I went with the cropped swing, purchased last year from Archimage, another one of my Rochester faaaaaaaaav-estssss. Will blog. (Gotta' make it good.) Not too warm out today. But I wasn't going to be outside too long. Plus, a scarf--no matter how lightweight--always helps. Birds (vintage from my Mama) seemed a whimsical compliment to the playful stripes & polkas. Boyfriend watch (vintage from my Daddy...yes, you stop it, I see the oedipal irony) anchored the whimsy20-something patterns & textures.

Scarf (HM)
Vintage accessories (Mom & Dad)

Swing Crop Coat

 * * *

Night Look. Tonight, I'm headed to a local cafe, Spot Coffee, for some grub ... possibly something sweet. And to do some writing. Creative nonfiction writing. Ya' heard. While quite low-key, I would not hesitate to wear this outfit for something more rowdy, such as a round of drinks, or possibly even more formal, such as a quaint dinner. (...Any takers???)

Night Bottoms: Blue skinny pant (HM)/ Ballerina wedge (Target)
Night Top: Polka dot vintage blouse (HM)/ Cropped blazer (gifted...Anthropologie.)
Night Hair & Make-up: Some-up, Some-down (Kerastase); Heavier eye-liner/mascara; Powdered bronzer/blush (Sephora)
(plus primer, foundation, concealer & highlighter b/c ... who are we kidding.)

Night Accessories. To turn this outfit a creature-of-the-night, and still maintain it's vintage & whimsical integrity, I choose to go old-school grandma'. I mean really. Look at those earrings. They are geriatric. But a hot geriatric. And when paired with a legit 1970's biker jacket (thank you Momsly!), you can only look good. To, quite literally, anchor the variation of blues (which repeat as a theme in both ensembs), I don an anchor necklace (tre hipster-chic) and, finally, I echo our nocturnal ambiance with a black pashy. Classic.
Vintage Biker Leather
Pashy (Streets of Toronto)
Earrings (Francesca's)
Neckalce (Brooklyn Flea Market)

* * *
Game changers. Many subtle, & a some big, changes went in to making this transit. (Pronounced trans-ish.) While make-up would normally, 99.9% of the time, be the largest game-changer for the mood of an outfit, I have to say in this situation: it's hair. Hands down. Can't be going out-on-the-town, even for a salad & some cumfie cafe chair, with sloppy, skanky, wet hair. See full analysis below.

Game ChangersMost subtle: Belts. Not huge, but a big difference. From springy-sweet to night & sleek.
Most necessary: Shoes. I'm 5'2". I need a lift. And me bum benefits, too.
Most dramatic: Hair. Full. Down. Dry. Still looks young but much more mature.

Hate to Love ya' & Leave ya'...

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