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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Looks. 4 Fun. Outfits.

20. Friday. April.
Water. Street. Music. Hall.
Rochester. NY.

 I am so exciiiited & can contain it no longer. Fun. is coming to Rochester, NY. To a smaller music venue. And I am going to be there. With friends. Friday. THIS Friday. FUN.

I am so excited about Fun. that--naturally--I've been brainstorming concert outfits allllll week. Pretts much last thing I do before falling asleep. Visions of vintage bustiers, platform heels, hairstyles I could never ... style. Of course, my first reaction in brainstorming concert outfits was to immediately text these 3 beauties (see below). Sent promptly at a convenient 11:27PM on Monday evening. Turns out, 1 of those chicas doesn't even have tix & isn't going. But I have an outfit for her anyway...just in case she decides to come up from the Baltimore. (Outfit awaits you...)
 .Let's Begin. Shall We.
(Fashion photographer, I am not. Keep in mind.)
Top to Bottom: Sara,
Corey, Sam, BarbaraEllen
(Taken at Skylark Lounge.)

.Look 1: Floral.
Corey. Wears dresses beautifully. (She's the hottie in the floral dress on the porch. #ParkAve .) This uber-short hemline would look incredible on her petite frame. It's bold & it's black; it's color & it's concert.  No matter this Rochester weather. Pair it with black opaque tights, strip the cardi as the music heats up: all set. A large, structured belt pairs perfect with this flowy floral. Fun.
.Look 2: Chains.
Sam. Tall drink of water. Beachy, wavy tresses. Looks insaaaaane in flowy tops & skinny bottoms. Does boho jewels like no other. I pulled as best I could from my collection of bobs 'n' ends, but I know Sam would muss-it-up somethin' sexy. Envision a vintage boyfriend watch with lots of dangles & leather bands, too. (PLEASE COME PLAY!!!!)

.Look 3: Zipper.
Sara. Classic, but unexpectedly edgy. Sara kills in clean cuts with quirky accents. This black denim jean, I should just give to her. She'd wear it way better than I. The shirt, I'll keep. And the bracelet (below). But this truly vintage piece, with large turquoise accents, suits the 50's feel of this outfit, juxtaposes the masculine zipper, & could definitely start some conversations.

.Look 4: Vintage.
BarbaraEllen. Vintage. (Old.) This shirt is definitely that. My mom bought it thrifted way back when, when, already, it was vintage from the '50's (I think she said?). I mean check out those buttons (zoom-in below). Don't care how many days they've seen, those are rockstar. I'm especially into the pleated lines, sheer fabrics, & sea-inspired hues this season. Blouse has every last one. Black cami beneath should entertain that oh-so-realistic notion of "bustier," right. 

 * * *
.Tight. Legging. Jean. Jegging.

.All black bottoms are not the same. In fact, I used 4 different bottoms for each outfit. (Literally, we could wear all 4 Looks at 1 Time.) Truth.

Look 1: Opaque Tight. (Not pictured.) Any legging or even jegging would do. But an opaque tight adds a level of classiness to compliment the rocker-chic dress. My favorite opaque black tights are Merona C/O Target. What else.
Look 2: True Legging. Due to the length of the tunic featured in Look 2--oh yeah, and the loveliness of said subject's leg--I chose a true legging. C/O Francesca's. If you're shorter, you can try this look 2 ways: flowy if you add structure such as a belt OR regular-length blouse if you keep it flowy & don't go too tight.
Look 3: Jean. Nothing beats a classic black jean. This one has stretch so that it doesn't lose its shape with wear. (Target, again.) The gold stitching is very classic black-jean and keeps a cool & casual edge. With the shape and cotton-build of this zipper blouse, a heavier, classic structure on bottom is key to anchor the look. Jeggings could also work, but definitely do not add as much balance.
Look 4: True Jegging. Also a find by my Mama. AĆ©ropostale nonetheless. They're amazing. Never underestimate the quality of a great jegging. Do not. I wear these more than any other going-out-pant I own, including the indigo stretch skinny. They work with tunic & blouses, alike, and are much less risky to wear solo than a true legging. Despite its sheer/elegant element, in wearing this more boxy button-up, it's essential to wear a form-fitting bottom. Keeps it feminine and nighttime. Fun. (For, like, the 5th time. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!)

.ournameisfun.com .
.All the Pretty Girls.

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