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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life. Last Day.

That's right.

Today      was      it.  

 My           last           day. 

Made sure to take Mr. Clucks. 

Made sure to celebraish.

Made sure to gush. 
(I call the Shar-Pei ... Yes. Not French. Chinese. #somethingnew)

Will be sure to pop-it-like-it's-hot.
(Compliments of the rooms. Ah thank you!)

* * *

So, team & lunch buddies & other buddies from surrogate-team, I am going to miss you! Invite me out. Tell me all the funny jokes. Let's gossip. Panini's anyone??? Most of all, let me eat all of your food. Whatever you're not going to finish, find me. I will be there. Promise.

Until we meet again... 
(Get out of AUX.)

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