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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Emerging Adulthood and Shopping. All the Grown Up Things I've Done Today.

Today, I did some very grown-up things.
Bombshell Buys.
(Which I didn't buy. But wanted to.)

For one, I went grocery shopping. Gasp. That's right. To buy groceries. Celery, cucumber, wheat bread, soup cans, Golden Grahams. (They're whole wheat.)

For another, I filled 2 Rx's & picked them up the same day. That's big time. (Didn't even stop in the cosmetics isle despite several delicious coups that have been begging for some love.) #CVS .

Perhaps the most grown-up thing I've done today is ... (almost) stayed within my budget at Target.

$50 was the goal. I snuck in at $62. But hey ... those yoga pants don't really count (and they were just about the full overage). 
Let's take a gander. (Grown-up word.)


Alternative Accordion Shot.

1. Dress. Grown-up purchase because I didn't also buy it's alternative, which is fabulous & amazing in so many different ways.

(Polyester varieties.)
Hippie Heap.

2. Cardigan. It's a replacement for my most beloved & cherished cardi of which I recently lost. This is a staple buy and made more sense than to buy some wild, though fabulously in-style, tunic of the polyester (I assume?) or cotton varieties.

Not the Same.
(But the grown-up thing to do.)

Ohms instead of Oops...
Ain't the 1/2 of it.
(Maxi Dresses.)
3. Yoga pant. Definitely could have splurged on some shorts/tunic combo instead. Or a maxi would be gorge. But considering the size of the holessss (plural) in the seams of my current yoga pants. ...And by yoga, I mean these are legit leggings, so as long as they're semi-clean. They're doing double-duty. #Grownup.
2-tone Tunics 2 buy. ... Someday.

Tried & True Ballerina Nude.

4. Ballerina Wedge. Could have gone a lot more extreme. But even if I wanted to, how could I have passed up the tried & true classic cut & color on these babies? They were even clearanced! Un-grownup not to buy. Srsly.

Can you believe that all of that rang in under $62....???? 

Splash of color
...Now I just have to feed myself...

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