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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life. Friday Night.

Delayed Posting. Please forgive.

Last night, a friend-acquaintance (who is, LEGIT, coolest person ever. Dude-reincarnate ... but young. Like our age. [My age.] He's also going to be my first Listen. Interview soon as I get a vid cam, so be on the look out!) texted something. And it's worth sharing.

As I played in Jazz Band & Wind Ensemb throughout ms, jr high, and hs (#coolkid #altosax), I can srsly relate. (PS - This was in context of discussing fav tweeters. Let's just make it sentimental for one hot-sec. Thanks.)  W/o further delay ...

Always thought I deserved 1st chair.

Um, yes. #TruerWords . Like for everyone. And to hear it--to know he thinks this of himself (I assume beyond the realm of Twitter. Come on, guys.), and just to hear it--makes my heart sing. (That's BarbaraEllen for, "makes me happy,".) Can we please just all know that we all deserve 1st chair. Meannnnnnn. Not that hard. Just try it.

Oh, also ... you should probs follow him on Twitter. B/c he's pretts much the best at that. Even has a TM (mini-kind, upper right) next to his tweet-name. @ShaggleROC .


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