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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review of CVS. (Silent S.)

CV-Sget. ...As in Tar-get (It's French).

$4 off of $20!? Yessss please.
I love. I mean love CVS. Mostly, I love CVS coupons. Most recently, I used an $8 off (cash-money) coupon. Prior to that, $6 (cash-money). Truth.
 Didn't use any coupons tonight. #Expired. Really needed 'em. ...Fifteen dolla b/w 2 deods. Not thrilled. (...Don't buy deods at CVS. Go to Wegs. Make your own. Either way.)

The greaaaaaatesssssstttttt thing about

CV-Sget (Silent S.)????? THEY SELL Vichy!!!!!!!!! Vichyyyyy. Do you not know what this MEANS??!?!!?

In the presence of I love this stuff.
Okay, neither did I. Until Birchbox. Birchbox, which is a hip & deluxe online beauty sample goddess (read blog here), first introduced me to Vichy skincare products because of my beauty profile, on which I indicated that I have an obsession with eye creams. (Yes. Eye creams. ... I wear knee highs & my name's BarbaraEllen, sooooo.)

C/O Birchbox.

So here we are, a facial wash/toner, under eye cream, make-up remover, and face lotion (MIA) later, and I'm hooked. I may have quit my job, but I would still shell-out to buy these premier products. ...At least the eye cream. (Cute lil' jarred nubbin).


...See ya soon CV-Sget (Silent S.)

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