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Monday, April 2, 2012

Review of Knee Highs. Not What It Looks Like...


You called it.

Those are knee-highs. Quite apropos for someone named BarbaraEllen, I know. Start wearing knee-highs, and they might just become your all-time fav beauty staple, no matter what your age. Trust me.

Need for Knee-Highs

1. Protection. C'mon guys, girls, whatevs. These pupps protect your dogs. Water, weather, blister, brand new shoe alike: knee-highs keep the toes-ies cumf. 

Legit. These things are waterproof & keep you toasty. Why do you think 1940's WWII had a ration on nylon? (Thank you Meet Molly, American Girl.)

She's taken fella's ... That's a wedding phot. 

2. In the bold and wise words of a best-ie, ALSO NAMED BARB (gaaaaspppppp!!! It is true: Dr. Barbara Jean Elizabeth Wally Slowik.) In the bold and wise words of Dr. Barbara Jean Elizabeth Wally Slowik: At our age, who doesn't wear knee-highs? Said incredulously while, obligingly, shoveling a pair out from her sock drawer for me to wear during a night-out in Pittsburgh. (South Side.) We are professionals now, Barb. We wear knee-highs. 

Word-up, sister. Incredibly surprised that SO few of my friends agree. ...Not at all surprised that my ONE friend named Barb, does.

3. Best advice of all. Buy the TAN ones. Even if you as pasty as me. Tan. ...Just last longer. (That, in no way, is double-entendre.) Just is. Nude ones get all runny and are not worth it.

Tan knee-highs are comfortable, make your feet look & feel snazzy, last forevs (& don't worry 'bout that grandma' line you get right below the knee: No one notices.)

Tan. Just try 'em.

Enchanté, knee highs. Enchanté.

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