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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Laughs. It's Called a House Coat.

Have a cold.
I know.
The House Coat is mesmerizing.

Great excuse to whine ... a lot.

And take naps. Like best-sleep-you've-ever-had naps. Like lights-out soon as you lay down/Eyes wide-awake soon as you get up naps

Thank you for shopping at Wegmans.
(That's what clean-up guy said.
He was, like, 15.)
Not so great for grocery shopping. Beware:

if you go directly before or after needing or taking a nap, you might not comparison-shop, & you probably will buy the first item you see, no matter how pricey it is. ... Or you might drop a 12 pack o beer bottles on the ground... Buyers-Beware.

Soooo, looks like that's my dress & this is my drink of choice all weekend...

... Cheers.

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