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Monday, March 26, 2012

On Family: Love & Famblin.

Might as well make my first post about the Famblin. That's Moe-ese for "family." Moe-ese, of course, being the official language of the Wilcox clan alla Rochester, NY (West Irondequoit). Let's start with the Famblin Tree. (...Just go with it.)

  Da' Moe     =     Momslin 
(Dad)                (Mom)
    Me Broder     -     Da' Joe     -     Me Oder Broder 
(John, Big Bro)       (Me, Only Girl)   (Graham, Younger Bro)

   Ronks          -          Klonks 
(Rocky, Dog)         (Klondike, Dog)   

He's a lil' mister, & I love him.
So, I'm sure you'd be incredibly surprised to know that we have a secret language round these parts. #Nb. A normal greeting sounds something like: How ya' deeeeeerrrriiinnn'?!, or, if you're my dad and trying to communicate with Me Oder Broder, it might take on more of a, Hoodily Doodily oodily Noodily doodily oodily Noodily doodily oodily doodily???? (breath). Linguists have yet to uncover when this language emerged. But I will have you know that "Noodily" is a direct derivation from "Noodles," a most appropriate co-nickname for Me Oder Broder, Graham. This language is quite accepted by famblin and visitor, alike, and most widely spoken by Da' Moe & Da' Joe, the main purveyors of the native tongue, who often use it to communicate, even in public.

Really, though, the only thing you need to know about the Famblin' & me, or (rather) just me, is this guy. Mr. Klonks. Lil' mister doggy. I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOO MUCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I have a favorite pet, I admit it. More on that topic later. KLOOOOOOONKSSSSSS.

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