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Monday, March 26, 2012

Looks: Save v. Spend (Make-Up)

Save v. Spend.  Yes, very important to know when. Everyone has different preferences. But I have 1 general guideline: If it's going directly on your bod--mingling and meshing right with your cells--spendddddd. Just spend. Shall we???

Make-up: Anything that touches my skin, directly, I recommend spending. Let's start w the less common items.

Save & Spend.


1. Primer. Lancôme.
Srsly. Who uses primer??? ...This girl. Even in my err'y day make-up routine (except mabes the occassional Sunday where, Why am I wearing make-up anyway?, so). Primer is HUGE. Evens-out the make-up, adds longevity .... helps you use lessssss of the other goodies.

Why spend?
*It's the first thing (aside from moisturizer) that makes contact with your skin. Think of it almost as a thin shield that protects both your skin & your make-up. Big deal.
*I've tried drug-store primers (Rimmel). (I mean if I'm wearing it daily... worth the $7-college-try.) Nada. No smoothing, no saving. So. I spend. ... A lot. ($7 + $38 a lot.) But Lancôme is ssssssso worth it. A tiny, tiny, tiny bit is all you need. I dunno' 'bout your department stores (Macy's), but niccceeee cosmetic lines (like Lancôme) do promotionals. So, granted $45 down, but I bought that lil' sucker and--get this--a mini-mascara (uh-mazing), mascara primer (likewise), mini Génifique (decadent), Visionnaire (no idea but I want to), facial moisturizer w SPF (yes), juicy tube (full size), AND a cute make-up bag. #WorthIt .

2. Moisturizer. Hyaluronic or HydroSenn.
Don't think most people classify it as a cosmetic. Oh, but it isss. Moisturizer nourishes & hydrates your skin, so that all the other lotions & potions look good. It should also protect. SPF. At least 1 of your facial moisturizers MUST have SPF. (Actually ... mine don't. Sheepish-grin. But my make-up does, so ... I'll work on that.)

Why spend?
*First thing to touch your skin. To make your cash worth its weight, buy something with hyaluronic acid or HydroSenn (Sephora). The former is the most naturally-occurring hydrate & the latter, the most synthetically-occurring at approximately 3x the capacity of its foil.
*You don't have to use it on your entire body. Just a dab in the AM & a kiss in the PM. That's it.
*You'll be happy to know, there are ways to save. (See below!)

3. Mascara. Josie Maran.
Strengthen & Lengthen. Whether on or off, the right mascara(s) will strengthen & lengthen. While there are TONS of amazing brands with which we could get super out-of-control, I will recommend only one:
Josie Maran Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara in Pitch Black ($22).

Why spend?
*Truly, this is the only (and I've tried many) which has both strengthened & lengthened my lashes. Without mascara, they are both thicker & longer. Uummmm.
*The GOCO Campaign. You need to check-it-out yourself. Gist: for each mascara purchased, a cancer patient/survivor receives 1 free. That's beauty.
*Josie Maran cosmetics are amaaaaaazing. (Oprah voice.) Fragrance free, cruelty free, toxin free, paraben free, natural ingredients, ARGAN OIL, recyclable. They strengthen & lengthen my lashes and our world. Go buy it.
*Although I love (and I mean love) this mascara, for drama, you definitely need a top-coat somethin' else. Typically, I use designer samples such as Lancôme, Clinque, or Bobby Brown. But drug-store brands definitely work. Maybelline Great Lash (classic pink & neon green) has always been my go-to, and there are oodles of others. Pick up any fashion mag (or visit 1 of my fav beauty sights) for a rec.

The Rest?


I'd love to spend on it all. But it's just not necessary. Even tinted-moisturizer, the thing next-closest to your skin & most commonly adorned, has some great save-substitutes. Take a look.

1. Tinted Moisturizer. Boots No. 7.
SPF 15. Hypo-allergenic. Great coverage. Weightless. ...$11.99. I buy mine at Target, but this Brit-based company also has stores on-line.
(If you're going to spend ... Laura Mercier. If you're going to really spend ... Chanel. Eep! Had to.)

2. Moisturizer. St. Ive's.
These Swiss-inspired products are amazing and have been for as long as I can remember using the shower. (Nature-inspired exfoliates are to-die.) The facial moisturizers, which come in big, luxurious tubs, are not tested on animals and are free of parabens & phthalates. Clean scent, very refreshing. No SPF. But if I'm going to save, this is where.

3. Blush. Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy.
Yup. The make-up artist from "What Not to Wear": drier-of-tears, hinter-of-highlight. (Bear with me.) This Sheerest Cream Blush is beyond. Beyond. Beaming, the color I swipe on with my finger-tips, does just that. Immediately brightens my face, adds contour. (Contour, I say!).  When you sweep this over your apples, compliments will flow. (Carmindy-inspired words.) I have searched far-and-wide, in drug-stores & through the isles of Sephora. This is the best cream-blush I got.
(Powder is a diff story. For many reasons, I always splurge. Josie Maran in Passion is phenom.)

4. Eye-shadow.
Not huge on the eye-shadow. Norms keep it to a matte beige. Sparkly champagne if I'm feeling fancy. But if you're into the eye-shadow, pigment makes all the diff. (Urban Decay or Mac.)

5. Eye liner.
Looooooove the eye liner. Just black. Thick & glossy: smooth black. Have to admit, I have never spent on the khol. Likewise, have never found a liner to which I'd profess my undying devotion. Suggestions??? Is it worth it to save or to spend? When & where?

6. Lipstick.
In-love. But it's a young-love, and I haven't yet ventured into the realm of Nars & Dior. (2 brands I hear are fabfabfab. Duh.) I'm still exploring/navigating, so I've opted for drug-store finds based upon recommendations from other beauty blogs. So far, my fav find is Kate Moss' Rimmell line. Sumptuous & supple. #12 in orange-ish/coral is a smash.



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