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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Laughs. That's Ridicle.

I'm exhausts.

...Okay, that's not really a word that I abbrev. But there are plenty. And if you're going to follow this blog and read these posts (pleasepleasepleaseplease!), I should clue you in on my abbrev-tionary. What's this to do with being exahusts, you ask? Easy post for a sleepy BarbaraEllen... Let's do this.

abbrev - abbreviation (given.)    
awes - awesome   
Chi - Chicago 
chix! - chicken (love this one. why i got lil bit excited w the punctuation.) 
combo - combination (also a great snack.) 
deff - definitely (i mean.) 
exhaust - exhausted (guess I do abbrev this baby...) 
fam - famblin/famslin/famsly ... alright, family 
fav - favorite (poss my most used and the most recognized.)   
fig(s) - figure (srsly, when does anyone ever discuss fig the fruit in colloquial speech? ...Never.) 
hundo - hundred (commonplace.) 
insty - Instagram 
ridicle - ridiculous. (Older lady at work forgot the abbrev for ridiculous & came up with this. Guess ridic is too suggestive?)
mill - million (that's just, like, Latin, no?)  
orig - original
pic - picture 
poss - possibly 
rec - recommend or recreation or recreate ? it's versatile. 
res - residence (as used in Res Life Director.) 
sesh - session (yesssss. tre chic, i know.)

The S-Serious.  
(Add an "s" even if none exists in the orig word. No big.)

lates - later (as in, "See ya lates.")  
mabes - maybe  
pretts - pretty 
probs - probably  
rooms - roomy (pfft to room plural.)

See ya lates!

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