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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Laughs. Calming Manatees.

.Me Sarah Beth Cassie.
.Philadelphia. 2009.
wrecks you.
a manatee
to the

.Betmas. '06.
.The Wash. Cork. Ireland.

These ladies, the ones with this montage, they are like my soul-manatees.

We met while studying abroad in Cork, Ireland 2006. Beth & Sarah grew-up together and, with matching black & white knee-length pea-coats, were attached at the hip. But soon, within 5 days of arriving, the 4 of us were like this. Inseparable. In love. Let's put it this way ... Jan 2, 2006, we landed on Irish soil. Jan 11, 2006, Bethy turned 21. We named it Betmas. 

.Sarah Beth Me.
.Killarney, Ireland. 2006.

(Those are garbage bags.)

.Killarney, Ireland. 2006.
(It rained...for all 7 miles.)

Today, Cass sent me this link: Calming Manatee. Where does one find this? How does she know that this is just what I need? Thing is, if we were back in Ireland, or right now with Sarah in Truckee, or Beth in Boston, Cass in the BK, or me in the Roc, we'd be huddled together, hugging each other like manatees never could. And then we'd go read magazines. And eat Pringles. And belly-laugh to sleep. Love you, Ladies. Ya' beautiful.
.Sarah. Cassie. Beth.
.New York. 2010.

befriends you.
a manatee
with tiny
.We are Laughing.
.We are Having a Good Time.
.Brooklyn 2012.

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