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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving: Toasts & Ghosts.

 To Those Who Are Not With Us.

My Momsly Did This.
(We ate too quickly for a shot of the full meal!)
This, the family toast of the Magesis Clan taught to me by one of my best friends (& soul mates), Cassie Magesis. As my family delved into the crisp & delicately moist turkey, velvety gravy, & silky mashers, among other sides, I raised a toast to borrow this praise. 

Praise for all of those who cannot be with us either due to distance, strife, conflict, or death. To so many beautiful souls, some who I once knew closely & many, not closely at all. I like to think that, gracefully, they still fill our seats & the spaces between as we sit down to eat. I give thanks to you all, untimely & not, as you watch over us who are still left here on Earth. It means so much.

And this!
(She's the best.)

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