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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday 'Fessional. Impulsively Late.

Other acceptable titles include Compulsively Late & Impossibly LateImpulsively happens to be a combo of the 2. And also, the most apropos for this week's Friday 'Fessional. Which is not only long overdue, but also ... impulsively put together.

Impulsively Chose this Pic.
(Taken from Google Images.)

Let me elaborate...

I don't always take my time with things.

It's not that I don't feel invested in projects, as though they're not worth my time. It's that, well, I'm impulsive. I become so excited over the thought of executing a vision, that I rush to get it done. 

In 3rd grade science, we were assigned 3 weeks to complete a D.A.R.E. To Keep Kids Off Drugs poster to display for something like Parents' Night? ... So excited to receive the assignment & the idea of meticulously choosing amongst 64 Crayolas spread atop the dining room table, I promptly rushed home, scribbled crayon onto shiny new poster board, & cut some pics out of a magazine, jagged edges and all. 

Proudly, I turned it in the next day while all of the other students hadn't batted an eye or even begun. Idiots

When the posters were returned, I received a D. A D! On my D.A.R.E. poster! The likes of sloppily lettered purple-ish-red, uneven, hand-drawn capital letters plopped exuberantly--now appearing deflated--in the middle of my poster. (...Drawing never was my thing.) A D. Is D.A.R.E. even around these days anyway??

And so you have it. I confess. I am impulsive  The things I love the most or feel most profoundly inspired by, I often rush. (Like sometimes, my blog posts.) And, apparently, I learned nothing from the 3rd grade.

* * *

Least I'm not a drug addict.

(See. That poster was good for something.)

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