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Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday 'Fessional: I Sleep Over at My Parents'.

I admit it.

I actually made this sammy myself.
Normally Da' Moe makes it for me, so...

I am still adjusting to having moved out, on my own, permanently, & no longer having the comforts of living with Mommy & Daddy. Yes, I moved out over 1 yr ago. Yes, I went to college out-of-state, studied abroad, & had a 6 mo stint in Manhattan. Yes, I’m 27years old (almost 28). Yesyesyes. But, you see, none of those (ignore the age) were permanent. At the end of the semester, I always knew I’d come home to my bedroom with Mama’s meals and Da’ Moe’s spoils. Brothers to take out the garbage. Doggies to cuddle & shunuggle. And now, I live on my own.

Okay, not totally true. I have an awesome roommate … & she has a dog who loves to cuddle. And, yes, my entire (immediate) family lives not even 10 mi down the road. But, because I never plan on moving back in with the ‘rents, it feels finite. Permanent. Completed.

At almost 28,  I've been relegated to the
miniature room. Which used to be my 6'2" "lil'" bro's room.

And so, every now & then—okay, every single week (at least once)--I sleep over at my parents’. Go home for Thanksgiving on a Thursday & back to work on a Friday? Think I’ll sleep at my parents’! Not going out on a Saturday & having dinner with the fam on a Sunday? I will sleep at the parents’!

There’s no putting words to it, except to say that I find safety & warmth, deep down inside of my belly, whenever I’m curled along the couch, watching whatever Moe’s clicker lands upon, as Momsly, myself, and him bicker over what crappy movie to rent. She in her Hagrid & he in his broken chair, perhaps a dog at my foot & one on the floor. Just sitting by each other, tucked away in shnug. Those are my favorite nights.
Homemade Dutch apple & Pumpkin.

When I sleep over at my parents’.


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