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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review. Why Allure Nov 2012 with Lauren Conrad Demands a Spot on the Bookshelf.

I don't love women's mags or even fashion mags. Cosmo disgusts me and, yes, okay W mesmerizes, but also kind of shocks me with its amount of publicized boobs. But this month, Allure's November 2012 issue featuring Lauren Conrad, inspires me. (Style-wise. Let's not get too deep.)

With 9 interesting, informative, and innovative articles/feature, plus 2 extras which will probably seriously interest you, November 2012 Allure allures me through its pages.

Allure Magazine.
(Taken from Google Images)

Top 9.

1. Beauty by Numbers. Each month, Allure publishes a timeline of sorts, driven by stats and years, to reveal lesser known facts about widely-known topics. November 2012's, aptly titled First Ladies. The likes of Lady Bird Johnson all the way back to Martha "Patsy" Jefferson and forward to Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama adorn this 2 page spread with topics ranging from bigamy to incest to mastectomies to Shakespeare to fashion. A tasteful and tactful twist on history and tradition.

2. Lauren Conrad. Maybe it's because I'm Generation Laguna or maybe it's because truly, she possesses an unyielding allure. Either way, I love Lauren Conrad. Her endeavors entertained me (Laguna Beach, The Hills), her whimsical/vintage fashion sense appeals to me (Paper Crown), and her projects speak to me (The Beauty Department). It's no wonder that I reveled in looking at phots and reading more about the timeless LC. (See p. 203 for a photo-timeline of her life & works.)

Amazing tutorials at
The Beauty Department.
3. Letter from the Editor. How many of us skip over this? It's all yaddayaddayadda because, honestly, most editor's letters feel out of touch. But I have to hand it to Allure Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells. For one, she's a great writer. For two, she made a risky self-disclosure to which I could relate! Upon philosophizing on the pit-falls of being "high on self-denial," providing appropriately succinct anecdotes that relevantly prepare readers for the crux of her letter, Wells writes, "A recent study found that people who focus on the parts of their body they like actually feel better about themselves," (p. 44). The EIC of a women's beauty mag is making no-bones about focusing on what we love about ourselves. (Not focusing on what our partners love. Not finding ways to focus on what society tells us we should love. Focusing on what we already love.) I respect this.

4. Punking-Out. Between The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series & films and something about this depressed economy, I've been feeling it. With goth and punk rooting in the subculture for decades, it's almost impossible to ignore that primal call to the Industrial. Oh & yes. Let's not forget our vampires & zombies trends. ... November 2012's issue of Allure does a beautiful job balancing the California-chic, vintage-sweet style of Conrad with the slick (p. 47), styled (p. 56), black (p. 69), seductive/rebellious/sorcerous/sculpted (p. 168-77) fashion beholden all things dark & dangerous. Pretty sure I'll be wearing more leather, lace, black cherry, and vamp (not to be confused with vampire) this winter season.
This will be me.
Minus the (faux) cig, lipstick-throat, & Halloween.

5. Fashion Cravings. I am craving these boots. The Lust ones. (Like my version of Save v. Spend.)  Also on this page: please note the Fisherman's sweaters (own like 8), the leather skirts (bought my first in Kindergarten... ), the plaid (going strong for at least 3 years now), & the robust leather bags (only cross-bodies I own, if faux counts). Think Allure will just give me their Alexander Wang sample boots for writing this article???

From Allure November 2012.
Seriously craving these $1200 Alexander wang above-the-knees.
6. Fashion Sense: User's Guide to Style. Honestly, I norms ignore all of these columns. Glimpse at the page & turn-it. But this month, I lingered. My favorite outfits have to be (names self-given): the gray skinnies (p. 84), black & white walk-it-out (p. 86), gypsy-hot (p. 88), and beyond-in-black (p. 92). Aside from the killer outfits, what I love most is that this column profiles a diverse set of women wearing one interesting piece to show how the less-familiar can become a staple on various body types & ethnicities. Such interesting and innovatie elements for super lovely styles. 

7. Insider's Guide. Don't necessarily relate to the topics of advice being offered by these professional insiders (i.e. How to Buy Art), but I do love this quote I saw at the bottom of p. 102. Body parts go through trends; now people want to work on their butts. Aaahhhh .... Who called it? 

Check out this quote!
Told you that hips are hott.
8. Trend: Beauty By Mail. As in BIRCHBOX. And so many more. Allure profiles 8--EIGHT--mail-order monthly beauty-sample offerings, including their own titled Sample Society With Allure (who knew!?), to compare and contrast categories like, Join this for, Cost, and Customization. Because I am so over-the-moon for Birchbox & follow them practically everywhere except to the office (which, by the way, I'd love to do), it is so cool to see what other services are available. FYI: Birchbox is still least expensive at $10/mo for a recyclable box filled with 4-5 deluxe samples + 1 non-beauty sample. I should really re-up. 

9. Skin Report. All about BB cream. The illustrious BB cream!! As explained by Allure,
A BB cream is a tinted moisturizer that also protects the skin. It's also a sunscreen that smooths wrinkles. And a foundation that gets ride of age spots. And a primer with antioxidants, (p. 136).
Garnier BB Cream is great.
(Taken from Google Images.)
Aside from explaining when to moisturize pre-application and when-not, along with how to choose the correct shade for your skin tone, in the Most Wanted section, Allure categorizes each BB cream--drug store & beauty counter--according to 7 different foci. For instance, Dryness v. Fine Lines v. Breakouts v. Sensitivity and more. What, you ask, does this mean for me!?? Well, I've been using Garnier in light/medium, but it's almost out. I've been wanting to try Maybelline in the lightest shade possible because I love their Fit Me line. But according to this article .... I should stik with the Garnier. Who knows what will happen! I'm just jubilant to have a guide for it.

Extra 2.

1. Fashion Plaits. All how-to's on braiding elaborate, whimsical, styled, & slightly messy updos. I wouldn't use simply because I have not the patience. But the bonus is that should I want to try, these styles are transferrable to both straight & curly textures. My fav? Probably Winding Down on p. 179. Most likely? Definitely Crowned Glory on p. 183. Again, all 3 are conducive both to straight & curly hair because all 3 require texture and movement. 

2. Nails. I love fingernails. Lee-Press-Ons were my jam back in the day. While I don't currently love the trend of intricate nail art, I am warming up to glitter. The-chunkier-the-better. Especially with the holidays upon us, it could only help to know your Sparkle Spectrum & pick out a fav. If not for anything else, p. 184 is super fun to look at. 

Welcome to my childhood.
(Taken from Google Images.)


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