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Monday, November 12, 2012

Life. Frankenstorm & Migraine Sandy.

I had huge plans for Friday 'Fessional the Friday before Halloween. Envision montage of all of my most amazing costumes everrrr which includes insert of handmade/homemade Lil' Mermaid bit circa '93. (Incredible. Be on the watch for next year.)

But then ... 

#instagood #instaween #Hallogram

We had a party. 

With Crocodile Dundee's croc on her back. (No. That's not actually Snooks. Cray.)

It was awesome. 
Mex Bar.
Saturday night. Disgruntled Housewife with Toddlers in Tiaras!

Following week? The week of Halloween? Frankenstorm. No, I never lost power. (Thoughts with all of those who are still without and who became displaced.) Rather, I incurred my own little perfect storm. ... And so, we had Migraine Sandy. Hit Tuesday morning, lulled around Thursday night, & struck again without warning, Friday afternoon. Began clearing-up over the weekend. Aftermath felt until about this Tuesday, past.

Not only did I miss mega work (w/o personal time .... ) but also ... I MISSED THE FUN. CONCERT AT RIT. GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

Let's not dwell.

Recovering from migraines is hard, especially when it's a mega-migraine. There's unending sleep, medicine hangovers, doctor's appointments, prescription trials, debilitating pain, auras (which might lead you to believe that you have epilepsy when really, you do not), & explaining to everyone what a migraine does.

Now imagine what all those folks are going through from Hurricane Sandy. Lots of love.


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